8 Signs That You Are In A Lasting Relationship. . .

If you are wondering whether your relationship will withstand the challenges it comes with, here are few signs that can help you determine

You have been with each other for quite sometime but you are yet to spell out your relationship. It is a given that some relationships even though difficult to maintain, are meant to last while some even though everything is going smooth don’t last. Relationships are hard, they need work but when it is with the right person, there is nothing as satisfying as that particular relationship. Here are few signs that you are in a lasting relationship:

  1. You treat each other as an equal
    A relationship is normally at its best when you treat each other as an equal and when there is a mutual respect between each other. Mutual respect and understanding is the key to a long and healthy relationship.
  2. You are friends first
    Sure you are in a romantic relationship but you also are friends first. Even in a scenario where you both got involved without going through the “friends first” phase, you are now in a scenario where you consider each other to be close friends. This is a sign of a lasting and healthy relationship.
  3. You are comfortable not talking to each other for sometime
    It has been three days since you last met each other and you haven’t managed to talk much on phone. Yet it doesn’t unsettle you. You are okay with some space and spending some time apart. A 5-minute Face Time is as good as an hour on phone call.
  4. You don’t try to impress each other by going out of the way
    Sure there are gifts and surprises but these are not a mode of impressing each other. You both have reached a maturity level where you don’t have to go to any lengths to gift each other on every small occasion. You are rather more comfortable in spending quality time together.
  5. You share anything and everything
    You don’t think twice before sharing anything with your partner. You don’t have to wonder how she will take it, how she will react and whether she will judge you. You are totally honest with each other.
  6. You fight and make-up but without any grudges
    You fight like any other couple do. You have your own disagreements. However post that you make-up easily and don’t hold grudges against each other. What is done is done and is now in the past. You forgive, forget and move on.
  7. You can compromise for each other
    You are okay in compromising for each other. There are no ego problems or second thoughts in doing so. In fact you genuinely care for each other’s happiness and for that a little compromise is definitely okay.
  8. You support each other’s career
    Sometimes your partner may have to put in long hours at work and may be having a tough demanding job. However you completely support that and you don’t throw those usual tantrums like not balancing professional and personal life, not giving you enough time and so on. You understand your partner’s professional commitments and know that your partner too will support you similarly.

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