9 Crazy Reasons Why It Takes Every Girl So Long To Get Ready. . .

You must have heard this phrase all your life, “Are you ready or not yet?” and we completely understand how annoying it is. Whenever there is any occasion, we girls take too much time to get ready and why shouldn’t we? Don’t you know how much effort we put in while applying perfect winged eye liner? Do you have any idea how we have to make a nice hairstyle with lots of pins? How hard we have to work in order to create perfect statement look? Asking us questions again and again make us really angry. But today we are going to give you all the real reasons so that you can understand our pain and stop pushing us to get ready quickly.

  1. The struggle of getting out of bed is absolutely real for us.
    It’s really hard for us to get out of our bed especially when we are getting cozy in winters.
  2. Do you have any idea how long it takes to shower?
    We need at least 1 to 2 hours in shower!
  3. That annoying moment when we cannot decide what we should wear.
    And not only this, we need to match accessories and shoes as well with our dresses.
  4. When we are struggle to accomplish that perfect winged eye liner! And it takes ages..
    Apply it, remove it, repeat.
  5. Can you imagine the pain when we spend a long time on styling our hair?
    And we always mess it up and need to start all over again.
  6. Getting our perfect make up look is not that easy as it seems.
    Foundation, powder, blush, eye shadows, liner, mascara, lipstick and the list goes on!
  7. When we have to ask everyone how we are looking before stepping out.
    We need to take advice from any person living with us in achieving the perfect look and it does take time.
  8. And when we are ready, it’s mandatory to take hundreds of selfies.
    In bathroom, near the window, in the lawn; we literally take pictures everywhere.
  9. And posting those Snap chat stories with cute filters.
    Before getting ready, while getting ready, after we are ready; telling the world about our routine is compulsory!

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