7 Signs That You Are The Clingy One In Your Relationship. . .

No one likes being called a clinger, but are you sub-consciously acting like a one?

Sure you have found yourself a great guy and he is different from all the other guys. You have started feeling that he might be the one for you and you don’t want to ruin things. But are you subconsciously coming on too strong on him? Are you being too clingy? For the person who starts acting clingy,they would probably not realize it. However here are few signs that show that you are the clingy one in your relationship:

  1. You find yourself messaging him very frequently
    You have probably met him few hours back or were on a call with him. Yet you can’t help but message him. A single message and you keep checking your phone whether he has replied or not. Various thoughts pop up in your mind as to what he might be up to, why is he not replying and so on.
  2. You get insecure very quickly
    He has made plans to hang out with his friends tonight and you know that his friend whom you dislike would be there. Sure he has told you numerous times that she is just a friend but you cant help feel that she hits on your guy. You just feel insecure about him.
  3. You keep a tab on his social-media activity
    You check his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account everyday. You check your Snap chat every few hours to know whether he has uploaded a new snap or not. Every post he uploads, every photo he uploads or has been tagged in, you know about it instantly.
  4. You want to know what he is up to
    Even though you know he is at work, you cant help but send him a message “Hi, Wats up?” Come on, hold that urge. You know he is out with his friends and you feel like calling him up just to know what are they up to. Give him is space and sure he will call you up when he is free.
  5. You are thinking about future way too early in your relationship
    You start building your future with him and those very thoughts are bound to scare him. You start thinking about 5 years down the line while he might just be enjoying the present with you. These thoughts would just scare him off.
  6. You have urges to check his phone
    This is the sure-shot sign that you are being too clingy. His phone is his property and the need to check his phone frequently is not healthy for your relationship. Just wanting to know whom he called, who called him, whom he was messaging and so on is definitely called as being clingy.
  7. When it comes to him, your common sense disappears
    You cant think clearly when it comes to him. Your emotions over-ride your clear thinking and you just can do about anything. You would cancel your plans with your parents or friends if he drops a single message. Maybe once in a while saying no and having fun without him wouldn’t harm.

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