6 Struggles You Face When You Are Not An Animal Person. . .

Not everyone would find a furry animal cute, but do others really understand that?

You do not like animals. You do not find them cute and they don’t make you go ‘aww’. But admitting that to people can be a nightmare. You have to be ready to face questions, face looks and give answers. This is because most pet owners are very possessive about their pets and they would probably take this personally. Here are few struggles you would probably face when you are not an animal person:

  1. You don’t know there is something like ‘puppy talk’
    You hear people talking to their pets in a language that is very similar to the one used to talk to babies. Something like “hey, you..cutie.. come here.. aww you are so cuttee” and you stand there just staring. You feel out of place and this definitely is strange.
  2. You pretend to like other people’s pets
    You find that pretending to like other people’s pets is easier rather than admitting that you don’t like animals. This is just to ensure that they don’t get offended and you would do it even if you feel awkward.
  3. You don’t know how to react when people show you photos of their pets
    Sure you nod along and give a ‘wow’ expression. But you cant do that for long. 3-4 photos are fine, but if that goes for long, you reach your patience’s end. You feel like screaming “I don’t care!”
  4. Dating an animal lover is not a good idea
    If you are dating an animal lover or a pet person, chances are your relationship may not last long. This is because you will be sort of forced to love his pet and you would not be able to tolerate it. Pet owners do tend to get very sensitive when it comes to their pet.
  5. The animals don’t like you back
    Well, animals do have sixth sense about everything. Obviously they would know that you are not into them and hence their attitude towards you would change. They may even try to lick you, chase you and so on but wait, you dislike that!
  6. People ask you whether you are allergic to animals
    You have been asked this so many times that you start considering telling this rather than say that you don’t like animals. It probably makes a good investment lie.
  7. Some people almost tell you “I don’t like you”
    And you expect it. You are not at all surprised. These are basically the people who like animals more than people.

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