7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair. . .

There are a few rules when it comes to your hair. Here are a few which fall under the category of what you shouldn’t do to your hair

You want to flaunt flawless hair. When it comes to your hair you are ready to do whatever you have to because you are possessive about them. But sometimes it does happen that even after trying a lot and doing a lot, you don’t get good results. This is because of the silly mistakes that you do. In order to get those shiny locks and healthy hair there are some things that are suppose to be done or supposed to be avoided.Here are few suggestions which should be applied to our daily lives to get flawless hair:

  1. Stop over washing your hair
    The question how much washing is over washing always arises. And its answer always differs. Experts say that if you have oily hair, you should wash your hair about thrice a week while for normal or dry hair, twice a week is preferable. Sebaceous gland which is present in your scalp produces natural oil which is extremely essential for your hair.Over-washing would lead to stripping off these natural oils. This would give you dry and brittle hair.
  2. Excessive Brushing of hair
    Excessive brushing is one of the worst things to do to your hair. Hair experts often say that your hair should receive about 100 stokes a day but it is the biggest myth there ever is. Rather, decrease the usage of brush and use your fingers to style your hair.
  3. Don’t use hot tools while your hair is wet
    If your hair is wet, avoid using hot tools such as a straightening rod or a curling rod. This would damage your hair to a great extend. Also do not use a thin comb to comb your hair as there are chances of hair to fall while they are wet.Basically, do not do much to wet hair, wait till it gets dry.
  4. Not using conditioner
    Using conditioner is very healthy. Majority of the people are under the impression that it would make the hair drab and flatten them. However all you need to do is find a conditioner that is very light. Conditioning will protect hair, make them shiny and would prevent breakage.
  5. Not keeping your hair tools clean
    A hair brush is normally kept in open and is literally put anywhere and everywhere. Imagine how much germs and dust it would collect over a period of time. And you use the same brush over and over again, thus passing on these germs to your hair. It is very important to clean your hair accessories regularly.
  6. Constantly coloring your hair
    We all definitely love highlighting our hair. After all it makes you feel different and good. However it is not at all healthy for your hair. In reality, coloring would damage hair even more than heat. Colours contain dyes and chemicals which would do a lot of damage.
  7. Don’t over use products for your hair
    In the greediness to obtain long and smooth hair, we often over use the products. Also the product generally mentions the right amount of usage for hair. Overusing the product may lead to damage to your hair. They would only make them too dry or too oily.

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