16 Things Every Gujju Is Tired Of Hearing. . .

Being a Gujju comes with a price. Despite having a global presence and producing some of the most influential people in the world (including our beloved Prime Minister), there are plenty of stereotypes that are deeply associated with the community. Every. Single. Day.

  1. The moment you introduce yourself, you get a “Kem Cho! Majama” greeting in reply.
    1Nothing hurts more than that. Nothing.

  2. “You have a typical pronunciation!”
    Yes. Thanks for pointing that out. After all, who doesn’t like to eat Veg Snakes?

  3. “Do you know Narendra Modi?”
    3Yes, he is our Prime Minister after all!

  4. “Okay. That was bad. But do you know Falguni Pathak by any chance?”
    4Of course! She is the one who sang on my 18th birthday bash.

  5. “Uhm… Baa from Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi?”
    5Just don’t do it, guys. There are millions of Gujaratis all over the world. Just because you are from Mumbai, it’s not necessary that you know all the MNS members, right?

  6. “What’s your favorite thing to eat – dhokla, fafda, or khandvi?”
    6Not every Gujarati food is sweet. There is a wide range of spicy options as well that are not your typical dhokla and fafda.

  7. “Too bad you don’t drink!”
    Yes, Gujarat is a dry state. Yes, I drink. We have Daman and Diu.

  8. All Gujjus are vegetarian
    Yes. So are all the other thousands of non-vegetarian restaurant owners in Gujarat.

  9. “Jignesh” and “Jigesha” are the most common Gujju names.
    9Sigh. My name is Jignesh and I’m not a Gujju.

  10. Gujjus are “kanjoos”
    10What? We are not “kanjoos” or miser. We just like to plan things and spend our money thoughtfully. That makes us “wise” and not kanjoos.

  11. Going abroad is every Gujju’s fantasy
    Yes, Gujjus are EVERYWHERE because we can easily adopt new environment. We are not afraid of going out and exploring the whole wide world. It doesn’t mean we like to settle somewhere else. It’s all about priorities.

  12. We address every girl as “ben”
    12Because we took an oath “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. Like, seriously?

  13. We say “Jai Shri Krishna” to everything!
    13Hello = Jai Shri Krishna? No. Not really.

  14. We are born businessmen (and super rich!)
    14Thanks, Ambanis for the heads up!

  15. Bargaining runs in our blood
    No. Not everyone can master the art of bargaining.

  16. “Will you teach me garba?”
    16Of course! I can perform garba even on Summer of 69. I was born to do garba!
    Just. Don’t. Do. It.

The next time you interact with a Gujju, take a step back and move past these clichés. Trust me! No one likes to be associated with these age-old stereotypes. Be a good listener, even when a Gujju can’t pronounce the “h” in your name (I’m talking to you – Rames, Sures, and Mahes).
Most importantly, if their last name is “Patel”, don’t ask them if they are related to Amisha Patel (or Parthiv Patel).


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