12 Uncomfortable Signs You Are Actually Becoming An Adult. . .

Adulthood – it takes us by surprise in more ways than one can imagine. Most of the times, we don’t see it coming, even when it ends up changing us fundamentally. If you are comfortable in your own skin and are unafraid to let go of your insecurities, then chances are that you have already stepped into adulthood. These tell-tale signs will make you realize if you are actually becoming an adult without even realizing it.

  1. You no longer try to please others
    You are happy with being who you are and if someone can’t accept that, then it is definitely not your concern.
  2. You have become selectively-social
    You have realized that having a limited and selective circle is always better than being in a crowded place where you can’t even recognize yourself.
  3. You have started sharing things with your parents
    Your parents have become an integral part of your life. You no longer hesitate to let them know what is going on in your personal life.
  4. You are no longer in a toxic relationship
    You have let go of all those people who were holding you down. Finally, you have liberated yourself from every toxic relationship that was keeping you away from your chance of happiness.
  5. You are no longer afraid of being alone
    In fact, you feel more comfortable being all by yourself. Even the thought of traveling alone makes you feel content and satisfied.
  6. You have let go of a few dreams
    Sadly, you have also realized that there are a few dreams and aspirations that can never turn into reality. Adulthood has made you familiar with your limitations in a pragmatic way.
  7. You are not afraid of making mistakes
    Frankly, you have already made so many mistakes by now, that you are no longer afraid of taking chances. You consider it as a chance to grow and learn.
  8. You have started to forgive others
    You have realized that life is too short to hold grudges. You don’t want to hold on to anger anymore and have chosen to forgive people instead.
  9. You have accepted your flaws
    After all, your flaws and shortcomings are an integral part of you and you have accepted all of them in the most thoughtful manner.
  10. You have made your heartbreak a driving force
    By now, you must have got your heart broken (maybe, more than once). If you are really an adult, then you would have let your heartbreak become your muse instead of an emotional barrier.
  11. You no longer hide your emotions
    You know that keeping your emotions grounded is not constructive for you. You have allowed yourself to feel pain, anxiety, happiness, and every other kind of feeling that the world has to offer.
  12. You are finally at peace
    Most importantly, you have realized that everyone has their own journey and that life is not a race. You are finally happy being who you are and have brought yourself to peace. Everything else is just background noise.

It might seem a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a while, it becomes the most effortless thing in the world. After all, great things don’t happen while staying in the comfort zone.

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