8 Relationship Myths We Need To Redefine Right Away. . .

Truth to be told, relationships can be pretty complicated at times. Over the last few years, I have seen lots of people falling in and out of love. This has made me question the mere existence of it and all those age-old myths about it that just doesn’t go well in any modern relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship with someone – you need to face the music and stop believing in these relationship myths right away.

  1. Getting married should be the ultimate goal of every relationship
    Okay! I’m going to start with the big one. Not every relationship is meant to turn into the finality of marriage. Also, just because you are married to someone, it doesn’t mean that your relationship should come to an end. It is more about being with the one you love without having any conditions.
  2. If they really love you, then they will never leave you
    Just because someone is in love with you, it doesn’t mean that you have owned them for life. If you won’t reciprocate their emotions, then your relationship might never take off.
  3. Opposites attract in a relationship
    This is undoubtedly the most irrelevant relationship myth of all. Not only would you have zero common interests, either one of you would have to change fundamentally to make this relationship work.
  4. You should be honest and upfront with your partner right from the start
    While honesty is the best policy, you should know where the line is during the initial phase of your relationship. Everyone comes with a few deal-breakers and you might give away too much too soon. Don’t lie to them, but don’t be too upfront as well.
  5. Having conflicts and fights always lead to a breakup
    People have different kinds of disagreements and conflicts in every relationship. If the two of you are able to surpass it, then it will only strengthen your relationship and prepare you for something big that can be conquered together in the coming days.
  6. The romance never fades away (even after years of togetherness)
    Sadly, it does. If neither one of you would make an effort to keep the flames alive, then your relationship might die a slow death. You should try to replenish your source of love and keep reinventing yourself in the process of loving your partner.
  7. Good communication is the key to a happy relationship
    While communication is an essential part of every relationship, it can’t solely keep it alive. Just because your partner is honest and transparent, it doesn’t mean that they can’t leave you.
  8. If it is true love, then it is going to last forever
    I hate to be the one to bust this myth, but it is something that exists only in fairy tales and bad rom-com movies. Sometimes, true love doesn’t last forever and there is nothing you can do to save it.

Not every relationship is meant to last forever. Just like seasons, a few people come into our life for a limited duration, and when it’s over, they silently leave us. Sometimes, it can last for years (or even decades), while sometimes, it lasts only for a moment. So if you have found the one you love, keep holding on to them. Bust these myths and make your own rules on the go.

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