7 Future Technologies That Will Drastically Change Our Life. . .

Since technology revolutionizes the style we experience our day-to-day lives, it is interesting to visualize what the future will deliver. Following are the 8 technologies which will help us to be at ease all the time.

  1. Wireless Power
    This is the innovation that actually blows the mind, though it is scientifically feasible to transfer power from one source to another by the air like radio signals. This method involves transferring energy from a conductor via an oscillating magnetic field to a remote target.
  2. The Smart Bra (Wearable Tech)
    The type of technology like Fit Bit fully united into the clothes you workout with is the next progression of such technology. There are previously men’s shirts with sufficient of this technology adapted into their fabric pattern, so why wouldn’t women need these benefits too?
    It is a bio-metric smart bra formed with a four-way stretchable material that can accommodate itself to the contour of the wearer’s shape while tracing their heart rate, breathing rate, and numbers of calories they burn while training.
  3. Memory Crystal Information Storage
    Maximum of the data saved on hard drives, or on cloud servers, would be unavailable after a time interval when the elements where this information is saved depreciates. For instance, flash drives have an age span of 10 years since they start to break down and deteriorate.
    This is where memory crystal information storage comes in. These are chips formed of crystalline elements that can store 360TB (terabytes) on a particular disc and can remain up to 13 BILLION years!
  4. The Rolling arcade
    The automated designer Jiang Qian has invented of a subway strap that’s a more video game. It has a button on per side that you run with your thumb as you hold on; you control action through turning the handle from side to side. Jiang believes that new sorts of games could be produced, where holding your balance while the train is in movement is a bit of the challenge.
  5. Carbon nano tubes
    According to study, carbon nano tubes are the next great thing. These are ultra-thin elements that have the latent to revolutionize current physics as you can implement more transistors onto a processor chip formed of carbon nano tubes than traditional silicone. This helps the processor to run 25 times faster than the traditional ones.
  6. The umbrella that forecasts the weather
    This Ambient Umbrella talks with its master by a diversity of patterned blue lights that show if the forecast estimates for rain.
    Outfitted with your ZIP code, a broadcast receiver at the holder of the umbrella connects to Accu Weather and later gleams a gentle blue light if the weather seems awful.
  7. Virtual Reality
    You should have now seen the tech industry’s increasing love interest with virtual reality, so this is nothing strange. What can be new that how VR can transform the way you interact, not only with technology but with different people as well.

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