7 Desi Myths That You Can Stop Believing Right Now. . .

Remember growing up to believing stupid myths that were actually invented by our parents or their parents just to instill fear in us about living the life on edge. We were stopped by our parents every time we used to do that particular thing which they warned about. Back then, some of us actually believed in the myths but if you think of them now, it will make you laugh like a mad. Here are some of the Desi Myths that you can finally stop believing because they are crazy AF!

  1. “Chai Peeyoge Toh Kaale Ho Jaoge”
    People still believe that having a cup of tea will make you dark-skinned. No, no, no, there is no science behind this. And it’s high time you should stop believing this crazy myth!
  2. “Soye hue insaan ke upar se taapo to uski height choti reh jati hai”
    We are tired of getting blamed for being the reason for someone’s short height. Because even after multiple warnings we loved to jump over our sleeping cousins just to irritate them.
  3. “Paisay ginney se kum hojate hai”
    Nobody would have been rich if this was true! If you don’t count your money then there is a possibility of losing it. This myth is a complete nonsense and you should stop believing it.
  4. “If you swallow a seed, it will grow a tree inside you”
    It scared the hell out of us when we used to accidentally swallow a watermelon’s seed. But this is not true at all. A small seed will not grow into a tree inside your stomach because it will eventually come out of your body the next morning!
  5. “Billi (cat) raasta kaate to bura hota hai”
    We still follow this myth without finding any logic behind it. A cat will never bring bad luck to you, so you should stop following the ritual of stopping when a cat cuts your way.
  6. Your shadow is a ghost that follows you all the time
    When we were kids, this thing scared the shit out of us. Parents must have thought that this is the easiest way to explain about shadows to kids but this was not at all funny, it was scary.
  7. “Kauwwa (crow) ghar ki chatt pe baithe, toh koi ghar aane wala hai”
    A crow is not your hired messenger! If someone has to come to visit you, he or she will give a call or leave a message. It’s high time you should stop believing this old school desi myth.

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