18 Indian Alternatives To Popular International Destinations. . .

Not everyone has the luxury of time and money to travel anywhere in the world and visit some of the most exotic places on the globe. Fortunately, not every travel plan of yours can cause a dent in your pocket. Take a trip to some of these breathtaking places that make India truly incredible.
Before you start saving for that “foreign” trip of yours, have a look at their Indian counterparts that are sure to give you some major travel goals.

  1. Gulmarg and Auli
    Or almost any other town situated on the foothills of the Himalayan Range is far better than those commercial Swiss destinations.
  2. Shillong
    Also known as “the Scotland of the East”, it features vast grasslands and waterfalls that would be adored by every nature lover.
  3. Jaipur
    The Pink City is often compared to cities like Paris and Rome. It is also the only Indian destination that appeared in the list of 25 Most Romantic Cities in the World by WeLoveDates.
  4. Pondicherry
    This majestic French town features a timeless European feel and some of the most beautiful beaches of the East coast. It can be easily compared to Burano or any other French town.
  5. Rann of Kutch
    Depicting a prominent similarity to the Salt Flats of Utah, it is a landscape painted by the gods.
  6. Srinagar
    The tulip valleys of Srinagar will remind you of tulips from Amsterdam for sure!
  7. Alleppey
    A stay in one of the signature houseboats or resorts located nearby the backwater canals will make you say goodbye to your Venice trip.
  8. Mumbai
    The city of dreams has some striking resemblance to the bustling metropolis of Miami.
  9. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    The Asian version of The Bahamas, it has one of the best scuba diving sites in the world.
  10. Kumbhalgarh Fort
    The World Heritage Site is the second largest wall in the world and depicts a close resemblance to the Great Wall of China.
  11. Chitrakoot Falls
    Located in the heart of Chhattisgarh, this natural marvel is also known as the Niagara Falls of the East.
  12. Thar Desert
    There is no reason for visiting the Sahara Desert when you can get a desi (and more mysterious) version of it in Rajasthan.
  13. Western Ghats
    If you have a dream to visit the outlandish Amazon forest, try to explore the Western Ghats a little. It is one of the unexplored gems of the Indian subcontinent.
  14. Valley of Flowers
    A trip to the Valley of Flowers will make you scratch off “Antelope Valley” from your list for sure!
  15. Gandikota Hills
    As impossible as it might sound, these southern beauties are the closest thing you can get to the Grand Canyon in the east.
  16. Munnar
    The tea plantation in Munnar gives a close competition to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.
  17. Nainital
    Nainital is India’s reply to England’s Lake District.
  18. Udaipur
    Also known as “the city of lakes”, Udaipur is a major wedding destination. Visit this Rajputana haven and get to know why the city is often called “the Venice of the East”.

From the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains to the soothing Arabian Sea, India has something for every kind of traveler. It is high-time you redefine your travel goals by including these surreal destinations in your list.



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