8 Pictures That Show Bollywood’s Most Notorious Photobombers. . .

We all have that one silly friend in our group who gracefully photobombs all our pictures and ruins everything. Photo bomber silently jumps into the scene just when you are ready with your pose to make your ‘picture perfect’ a funny disaster. These evil friends have their Bollywood counterparts too, who irritate other celebrities by photobombing their gorgeous pictures. Here are some hilarious pictures of our desi photo bombers from bollywood:

  1. Ranveer Singh has bagged first spot on this list because of his terrible photobombing skills.
  2. He has a signature photobombing pose, which reminds us of our school time bestie.
  3. He has not spared his ladylove Deepika Padukone from his craziness for photobombing.
  4. Joining Ranveer in this league, Arjun Kapoor tried to photobomb Bebo with his weird expressions.
  5. Arjun is not afraid of showing his photobombing skills to his own chacha.k.a Mr. Jhakkaas Kapoor.
  6. When it comes to showing photo bombing skills, bollywood’s chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor is no less. He tried to have fun with Anushka Sharma with the classic photobombing pose.
  7. And if there is one thing at which Abhishek Bachchan is a Pro (other than his acting carrier), it must be his ability to photobomb everyone.
  8. Abhishek trying to spoil Farah Khan’s perfect selfie.

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