8 Struggles You Face When You Are Not A Morning Person. . .

Struggling to keep your eyes open in the morning is equivalent to fighting a monster

Sleep is the best thing life has to offer. Nothing is more comfortable than your bed. Your bed is so welcoming that nothing can get more peaceful than this. However before you realize, it is time to wake up again. That irritating noise right next to you is forcing you to open your eyes and get out of bed. Well, you simply are not a morning person and here are few struggles that you have to face every single morning:

  1. There is no such thing as Good Morning
    The constant wishing of ‘Good Morning’ highly irritates you. It simply isn’t a good morning for you. You would rather be in your bed having a good sleep instead of being anywhere else and giving fake smiles in return of ‘Good Morning’.
  2. Constantly putting your alarm on snooze
    Your alarm is your worst enemy. Not only does it wake you up from your deep peaceful slumber, the irritating noise that makes is not tolerable. You instantly press snooze and probably do so quite a few times everyday.
  3. You feel like a zombie
    There is no difference between you and a zombie when you wake up. You are waking around like a programmed robot in a sleepy state doing your daily chores.
  4. A long shower is needed to wake you up
    A long shower which means a really really long shower is needed to wake you up and getting you going. Nothing else really works. Sometimes maybe a cup of coffee or good music would do the trick but nothing beats a good long shower.
  5. Working out in the morning is not a good idea
    Some people may have given you suggestions that working out in the morning would make you feel better. But nope, that is a bad idea. There are high chances that you would injure yourself in the process. Plus who would like going to a gym when you can spend that very time sleeping.
  6. Dressing up in the morning is a mess
    There have been instances when you have paired wrong clothes together. You have nearly left for office looking like that. Dressing up and choosing what to wear plus the whole process of getting ready is nothing less than punishment.
  7. First few hours are spent in a daze
    Oh, you have fallen asleep on your desk, while driving, while having breakfast, while talking to someone and what not. That does happen regularly. Well, you cant help it. First few hours of morning are definitely hard. It is not easy to keep your eyes open and keep concentrating on a particular activity.
  8. You are constantly racing against time
    From the very moment you have woken up, it is a race against time. You have probably given various excuses as to why you reach late and probably everyone has recognized that you are not a morning person.

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