6 Simple And Effective Workouts For New Moms. . .

Kareena Kapoor is making news for losing her pregnancy weight quickly and in an effective manner. However that’s Kareena Kapoor. For most of us, it might not be that simple. As soon as you are a mother, you are pinned down by never-ending responsibilities and soon you may feel you just don’t have time for yourself anymore. Exercising is soon forgotten. But then who said you have to spend a couple of hours in a gym to lose all that fat. Just giving half an hour at home would suffice. Here are few easy and effective workout options for moms that would do the trick:

  1. Squats
    Initially you may find squats difficult but a bit of regular practice would help you there and soon you will start enjoying them. They have proved to be super-effective and will help you in strengthening of very important muscles- glutes and quadriceps. During squats there would be an alleviation of pressure around the knees thus strengthening the surrounding muscles. Squats have proved to be a great workout for thighs. Hence it is advisable that you start with small sets and gradually go about doing about 30-35 squats a day.
  2. Push-Ups
    There are many variations of push-ups but start off with the basic one. It has proved to be an all-round exercise. Push-ups help in strengthening of chest, arms, abs, thighs and back. Push-ups are difficult to perfect and if done in a wrong posture, it can lead to body pain. So it is advisable to start off with small sets and gradually go on increasing the count.
  3. Crunches
    Crunches are considered to be one of the best exercises for abs. Most moms would have a bloated stomach post pregnancy and crunches can help get a comparatively flattened stomach. You may initially feel that crunches are very simple to implement but they are not. Rather on doing the first 5, you would probably feel like giving up. But don’t do so. Be patient and be persistent. You will see the difference soon.
  4. Brisk Walking
    This is a workout where you can involve your baby too. Go on a brisk walk and take the baby out with you in a stroller. Brisk walking will do wonders to your joints, stomach and thighs plus will help you in weight loss. Other than that, walking outdoors in a garden or such would make you feel good.
  5. Skipping Rope
    Skipping rope is an old but under-rated exercise. However for a busy mother, it is one of the best exercises. It is an overall body workout, will strengthen your arms and legs and overall blood circulation will increase. Initially you may find skipping rope even for a minute an impossible task. Probably you will be breathless just after 30-40 seconds. But take your own time and go on increasing the time by 10 seconds. Keep a target like doing a 100 jumps in a minute. It will give you amazing results.
  6. Climbing Stairs
    Basically replace elevators. Going up and down the same stairs for a couple of times is a very simple yet effective exercise. It does take a lot of effort and you may be tempted to take elevator. But just climbing stairs twice a day is very effective.

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