12 Everyday Struggles Only A Shopaholic Can Understand. . .

If you are a shopaholic at heart, then almost every day can be a struggle for you. Truth to be told, you could have a hard time handling your finances and in spite of having a closet full of clothes, you keep looking out for more options – every single day. The only three words that take you at Cloud 9 are: “It’s on sale”. If you are also a Shopaholic like me, then you could easily relate to these everyday struggles.

  1. You have no idea where your money goes
    Your credit bill is longer than your friend list. Even before you take a moment to enjoy the credit of your salary, the thought of all those pending bills scares the life out of you.
  2. You find that one perfect outfit every time you walk into a new store
    But most of the times you are not able to bring that outfit home because your taste is too expensive for your wallet.
  3. You congratulate yourself every time you walk past a store without stopping by
    And then you give yourself a treat for this small victory of yours (by making up for this in your next shopping spree).
  4. Your heart and wallet never seem to agree
    It is that one constant battle that you fight 24 hours a day.
  5. The thought of losing your credit card petrifies you
    Truth to be told, you are literally living on your credit cards. Even though you have memorized your card number and pin, you keep checking if it is still safe in your wallet or not.
  6. According to you, online shopping is the best invention of this century
    Now you can browse a limitless range of products and get them delivered at your doorsteps. What a great time to be alive!
  7. Every now and then, you take a break from your work to check your favorite online stores
    The thought of missing a last-minute sale gives you a panic attack.
  8. The annual end of season and festive sales give you an unmatched adrenaline rush
    After all, it is the best time of the year. Period.
  9. You judge those who think shopping is a time-consuming activity
    By time-consuming, you mean the best way to spend our time, right? How can someone exist and not love shopping!
  10. Your email account is filled with promotional deals
    And you keep checking them every now and them. You have done so much calculation in your head by now that you can easily win a Math Olympiad.
  11. There is at least one store owner who has become your best friend
    You call each other by first names and they feel betrayed whenever you buy clothes from anywhere else.
  12. You know you are addicted to shopping (but won’t leave it for the world)
    Because it gives you the kind of high that no other drug in the world can even come close to. Needless to say, you have already convinced your friends that it is the best way you can spend your money.

No matter how much you wait for your online purchases to arrive or struggle with your finances to fuel your shopping spirit, you are not going to leave it anytime soon. Otherwise, your life would be so ordinary, right? After all, shopping is more than just an everyday activity for you. It’s your therapy. It’s a way of life that you just can’t give up on so easily.

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