Top 10 Sweet Dishes From Different Indian States. . .

Our country looks like one big family to us, but there is a lot of cultural, economic, and social differences among the states. And no matter how much we try, these differences cannot be completely eliminated. One of the major difference lies in the food preferences of different states. You can enjoy a Dosa in Delhi and Chhole Bathure in Kolkata, but it would not be the same as it is in its origin country.

Here are some Indian desserts which you might have tried already, but need to eat them without fail when you visit their origin states!

  1. Jalebi- Punjab
    There is no description needed for this one! And it comes from a state of foodies, which we should’ve guessed already!
  2. Ghevar- Rajasthan
    It is a round shaped sweet made of flour and sugar syrup, and deep fried in oil. And like all the Rajasthani dishes, this one will take your heart away too!
  3. Puran Poli- Maharashtra
    These look more like Rotis with a sweet filling. The inner filling is made of chickpeas and jaggery. When these are filled in the dough of flour, milk and ghee, the result is absolutely delicious!
  4. Mawa Bati- Madhya Pradesh
    Mawa is one of the major ingredients in all the sweets made in Madhya Pradesh. Out of these mawa Bati are the most known kind, which is made of mawa (obviously), sesame seeds and ghee and are made in the shape of small balls (laddoos).
  5. Rosogulla- West Bengal
    I’m sure your mouth has already started watering by the name only! Rosogulla are famous around the globe for their spongy balls and sweet syrup! There is no chance of missing this one from the list. You should also try Mishti Doi (sweet curd) when in West Bengal.
  6. Mysore Pak- Karnataka
    Well, the name gives away the secret of its origin easily. This heavenly sweet dish is made of roasted gram flour, sugar and loads of desi ghee. You can never stop yourself at just one bite when you taste it!
  7. Narikol’or Ladoo- Assam
    Also known as ‘Nariyal Barfi’ in a lot of states, this amazing coconut based sweet dish has come from Assam. And while people keep changing the shape of it in different states, the one common thing that stays is that it melts in your mouth the moment you eat it! Yumm!
  8. Balushahi- Uttar Pradesh
    This is a sweet dish which is famous in the entire Northern India, is made of flour and sugar syrup and deep fried to make it crunchy. It’s a dessert that you would not want to miss ever!
  9. Basundi- Gujrat
    It is a creamy, sweet, milk based dessert and its ‘finger-licking’ good! Almonds and pistachio are added to the thickened, sweet milk to add a little crunch to it.
  10. Pongal- Tamil Nadu
    Rice cooked along with jaggery is a simple yet an exotic dish to try whenever you get a chance to be in Tamil Nadu. Also try Pal Poli there!

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