Top Piercing Ideas from Famous Celebrities. . .

People try new things and add to their beauty. Getting ear piercing is the most common and a cool idea to get a stylish look depending on how you use it. Some people also choose to get Nose and body piercing as well. If you’re wondering what sort of piercing you should go for then we’re here at your rescue with the best piercing ideas from some famous celebrities, who time to time attempt new experiments with their looks. From subtle to bold, it’s all right here.

    1. Emma Watson –
      Emma loves getting her ears pierced and we can totally understand that from her look here, quite a lot of piercings.
    2. Kim Kardashian –
      Kim has 6 body piercings but recently it’s her Lip ring that’s catching all our attention.

  1. Scarlet Johansson –
    Her pixie cut totally justifies her piercings.
  2. Lucy Liu –
    The beautiful arrangement of Lucy Liu’s ear piercing is lovely.
  3. Angelina Jolie –
    Angelina Jolie is making a statement style with her cool piercing.
  4. Emma Stone –
    Emma chooses three cute silver studs and keeps it simple and pretty.
  5. Fergie-
    No one can imagine too many piercings at a place. It’s Fergie giving us a bold statement.
  6. Jessica Biel –
    Jessica’s Septum piercing is subtle yet stylish.
  7. Justin Bieber –
    JB is mostly seen with two basic studs or the shiny pair of studs.
  8. Katy Perry –
    Kate Perry’s look is forever changing. Here she’s got a beautiful ear piercing and that ring on the nose is totally working for her.
  9. Kendall Jenner-
    Kendal Jenner goes out bold showing off her new nipple piercing and we’re shocked!
  10. Rihanna –
    Rihanna is again one of those who goes on experimenting different looks and she’s almost got every part of her ear pierced. She also got nipple piercing but this time she’s wearing silver beautiful hooped rings which stand out with her look.
  11. Kourtney Kardashian –
    Kourtney is totally killing off the Belly-button in her bikini. If you want a belly-button too, you gotta take some lessons from Kourtney to rock the look perfectly.
  12. Miley Cyrus –
    Miley’s piercing is a must to have a look on. And with that gold nose ring, she’s looking extremely pretty. These piercings won’t go with the basic look but definitely, some occasional party looks.
  13. Perrie Edwards –
    Perrie Edwards shows off her audacious surface piercing. This needs courage. Hats-off to Perrie Edwards!
  14. Zayn Malik –
    Zayn Malik looks super attractive with the pair of simple silver rings on his ears and nose.
  15. Drew Barrymore –
    You’ll be shocked to know that Drew Barrymore not only has her ears pierced but her TONGUE too.
  16. Zoe Kravitz –
    Zoe nails the assorted arrangement of earrings and the septum ring look.

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