10 Bollywood Stunt Doubles Who Deserve Same Respect As Actors. . .

The amazingly shot stunt scenes in movies which make us stand up and even whistle out of amaze and go all Gaga over our favourite stars and their heroism are actually performed by some experts whom we forget to recognize and acknowledge. They are underpaid and work in dangerous conditions risking their life. Here are some famous artists who deserve equal respect as actors:

  1. Jawed El Berni
    This guy out here is not only a stuntman of Bollywood but is a multi-lingual famous martial artist. He has displayed his finesse in movies like ‘Ek tha tiger’ & ‘Ready’ as Salman’s body-double.
  2. Asif Mehta
    He’s the man behind major actors like Emraan Hashmi and Manoj Bajpai, serving the industry since 7 years. An aspiring graphic designer, obsessed with motor-racing, he met with an accident which led his destiny into being a stuntman.
  3. Sanober Padiwala
    Working since the age of 12, she is one of the heroic, scarce stunt-woman in Bollywood, because of whom bolly-beauties like Aishwarya-Katrina-Kareena-Priyanka have dared to show their bad ass side on screen.
  4. Geeta Tandon
    Facing the unimaginable adversities in life and fighting tooth and nail just to spring back to life, this lady deserves a salute. This 31-year old, is a successful stunt woman today specializing in car chasing stunts which most professionals are afraid to perform.
  5. Riyaz Shaikh
    Started stunts for Govinda, he is now been in the industry for over 25 years and now into body doubling for the huge star Hritik Roshan. Having years of experience yet the biggest fear he has now is the lack of insurance plans covered if things don’t go well.
  6. Munna
    The 6-foot tall Munna works as a body double for the taller stars like our very own “Munna Bhai”, doing threatening stunts every time. Whether or not the stars take away the credits is not his concern, but he cannot compromise on safety.
  7. Haji Kasam
    One of the exceptional stuntmen of bollywood, who was the need of every director for the outrageous car stunts that he could perform on a go, smoothly like no-one else. Unfortunately he died on the job in 1991 at the age of 40.
  8. Habib Haji
    Habib Haji son of Haji Kasam has made his own place in the industry by his work. He seems to be following his father’s steps doing the dangerous car-flips and chasing sequences. He says that it’s the thrill that keeps him going rather than the money.
  9. Reshma
    Body-doubling for actresses like Meena Kumari, Hema Malini, Dimple Kapadia, Saira Banu, Reshma is now a senior citizen. The famous scene from ‘Sholay’ where Hema Malini rides her horse was played by Reshma and it definitely wasn’t an easy one riding the cart at one wheel at full speed. Commendable work.
  10. MS Balram
    He played Abhishek Bachchan’s body-double in the movie ‘Raavan’ by diving into a river from a high cliff. Being a former diving champion he’s great at his work and doesn’t seem to get off that easy without the credits.

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