Can minimalism improve your life?. . .

What’s common between Melinda Gates, Nigella Lawson, Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos? Have you ever seen them in fancy, expensive fashionable clothes? They’re normal people and leads minimalistic life. Can that be an important factor for success? Yes! When you focus on the “only” things you need, life becomes simpler. See how minimalism can change your life:

  1. Master your time
    Do you know that we spend more money and time on things which we never use? If all those famous people can look cool even in plain tees, simple trousers, and shirts, why can’t we?
    You’re buying yourself more time by cutting your list. It would be hard initially, but at the end, you’ll love investing on the things which you “really” want at that point.
  2. Start afresh
    Our room or home is filled with numerous things which we didn’t even use once! Pencil, shoes, shorts, clips, eye-liner, gather everything you don’t need (even if you think you might need in future) and get rid of them.
    De cluttering can be a long and boring process, but it will give you a clear picture of things you need.
  3. I feel liberated!
    When you’ll get rid of the junk you don’t need, a negative feeling might surround you. Just breathe in. Sit back and close your eyes. Imagine how simple life would with fewer things! Say this to yourself every day:
    “I don’t need much stuff. From now, I’ll get things which are necessary”. After few days, you’d be surprised that now your fingers scroll on grocery list than the discounted online sales.
  4. Mindfulness
    We all want to become “mindful”, but don’t know where to start. When minimalism gets under your skin, you engage your time in taking better decisions. With more time and clear goal list, your mind automatically becomes more focused on taking crucial decisions and finding better solutions.
  5. Discovering flaws
    Minimalism is focusing on your basic needs. Think it this way:
    When you start convincing yourself that you don’t really need this item or it is not on your goal list, you’re going one step ahead to discover and accept your flaw. Plus, you’re slowly turning them into your strength!
  6. Becoming conscious about your money
    You can no way achieve minimalistic life until you learn to budget. It’s damn important!
    Hence, even though budgeting is tedious, it will save you! A tip: Start tracking your expenses. Make paying bills your first priority.
  7. You’re happy!
    Don’t think that accepting minimalism will alter your happiness level. In fact, minimalism makes you more focused and effective, whether it’s studying or working.
    With more time and simple life, you’ll enjoy your life more than ever.
    Why not try it for a month? You need time to develop a habit. Don’t be afraid to give minimalism a try! You would love the changes in your life after a few days.

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