10 books you should read if you need motivation. . .

They say books are our best friend and just like a true best friend, a good book can be our guide, motivator. Here are a few of those unputdownable books that will not only satisfy the reader inside you but also bring some real required insight and encouragement.

  1. The One Thing
    The New York Times bestselling book by Gary Keller guides you on how to focus on one thing at a time with utmost dedication. The book also tells us about how to beat stress, how to achieve your goals and aim for better results in less time.
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People
    Dale Carnegie shows us how we can make friends with almost anyone on the planet. But the high point of this book is the way it teaches us to be free of our mental rut.
  3. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
    Robin Sharma tells us everything about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny in this bestselling book.
  4. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
    This book by the celebrated author Haruki Murakami translated into English by Philip Gabriel is in fact a memoir of the author. He writes about his passion and participation in long distance running.
  5. Tuesdays with Morrie
    Author Mitch Albom shows that when you are young and looking for an experience, life can be incredibly challenging and interesting for you. Moreover, when you have a wise mentor, you are bound to learn many things from your life.
  6. Awaken The Giant Within
    The book written by motivational author Tony Robbins teaches you different tricks and techniques for self mastery. It also guides you on how to take charge of your mental, material, physical destiny by applying certain practical knowledge in your daily life.
  7. The Last Lecture
    The book by Randy Pausch centers on the last lectures that our professors give at the end of the academic sessions. The book is highly intelligent, inspirational and severely touching and all the lectures recorded in the book say a great deal about celebrating life.
  8. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
    Mitch Albom tells us the story of a war veteran Eddie, who dies at 83 and discovers that heaven is the place where he can find all his answers. In the heaven, he meets five people who help him to have an insight into his life. We should never forget who we are and fulfill our lives’ purposes.
  9. The Fred Factor
    The book by Mark Sanborn shows us why we should be passionate about everything we do in our lives and how to find that passion. Only by being passionate about your life and by being able to find your life’s purpose you can become someone extraordinary.
  10. Think and Grow Rich
    The bestselling book by Napoleon Hill tells the success story of the influential people during his time.

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