10 Movies You Should Watch if You Want Positivity in Your Life. . .

When movies were invented, its sole purpose was to bemuse, fascinate and entertain us. At times it made us laugh, sometimes it made us cry and we become happy to see good prevailing over evil. Then there are movies which nurture our emotions, move us and inspires us in a whole lot way. Let us take a look at some of those movies which instill positivity in us.

  1. Into the Wild
    Christopher McCandless graduates from law school and suddenly decides to abandon his parents, family and secured life for a tryst with nature and Alaskan wilderness. The movie instills a craving for freedom and how to take the risk to fulfill your desire.
  2. The Shawshank Redemption
    The central story revolves around Andy Dufresne who is serving his 19-year prison term. The movie is an inspiring tale about the friendship between Andy and Red and tells us how we should value friendship above everything else.
  3. The Way Way Back
    You find the story both funny and sad but in the end, it brings a dash of refreshment. The movie depicts how a boy becomes a man and how the most challenging tasks become the most rewarding.
  4. Everybody’s Fine
    The movie tells the story of Frank, who after the death of his wife, goes to visit his children living in different places. During his journey, he learns a number of interesting facts about his family, only to meet a colorful destiny.
  5. Remember the Titans
    The film revolves around an Afro-American high school soccer coach who beat all odds to bring a group of young boys together and wins a match. The film beautifully captures the friendships, anxieties, worries of these people.
  6. One Chance
    The movie tells the story of a British guy whose childhood dream is to become an opera singer. It teaches us that we should grab every opportunity that comes in our way as they may lead us to success.
  7. Begin Again
    Gretta breaks up with her boyfriend and encounters Dan in a bar. Both decide to record their own independent album and takes up entire New York to be their stage and studio. The film tells us how to keep our head held high in our tough times.
  8. Little Miss Sunshine
    A dysfunctional family is trying hard to enter their daughter in a beauty pageant and for that, they embark on a cross-country trip. They face obstacles, give birth to issues among them but in the end beat all impossibilities. The movie is sure to make you smile from beginning till end.
  9. Groundhog Day
    A news reporter is stuck in his mundane and boring life but he has no other option than to live the same day over and over again. It is in this phase he realizes that life has his own beauty and he pledges to turn things around to make it all the more beautiful.
  10. Freedom Writers
    Erin Gruwell meets a class of highly at-the-risk teenagers who are impossible to deal with. She tries her best to bring positivity in their life and instill good habits in them.

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