Quick checklist before you decide to move in together with your partner. . .

Moving in is not as simple as packing your bags and crashing in. It’s staying together all day and nights, under the same roof, sharing bed space, bathroom and more. For those who are soon moving in together, this quick checklist can help from common pitfalls and relationship disasters.

  1. Why should you both move in together?
    Apart from love, what is the one reason that pulls you two together? Is it due to financial stability, marriage or something else?
    Figuring out the real reason of “why?” help you make the right decision of moving in.
  2. Finding the perfect location
    It’s important to discuss the “affordability” and “leasing” of the house you’ll move to. You’re sharing, not owning!
    Plus, the commute distance from your house to the workplace should be comfortable for both. Also, it’s good to know the future plans. Your spouse might want to move to NYC while you’re planning to get settled in Toronto.
  3. What’s the future plan?
    You both might have entered into moving in thinking you’ll end up marrying. Yet, it’s important to have a candid convo on such topics.
    Some of us may not want to get married before 35 age, while some are not ready for serious marital commitment after moving in.
  4. What about the rent?
    Rent becomes an important term once you start living with your partner. To save yourself from the imbalance of power over decision-making and resentment, split the rent equally.
  5. Who will pay the household bills?
    Maintaining and running a home is never an easy task. Utility bills, fuel bills, internet bills, mortgage, everything needs to be discussed in detail.
    It’s not as enticing as sexting, but it’s worth to save you from a wrecked relationship.
  6. Comfortable with guests?
    After discussing your financial situations, talk about your family and friends meetings.
    For instance, how many guests do you expect weekly? Is your partner comfortable in staying with your family for few days? Are friends crashing in when your partner is not at home?
  7. Can we set future goals together?
    Whether it’s a vacation to a romantic destination or credit card debt, if you’re planning to stay together for a longer time, setting future goals for money and love are equally important.
  8. Are you a dirt freak?
    Apart from bills, it’s the house chores that can give you headaches. Always share and have opinions about your morning routine with your partner. Together, set the cleanliness level for both.
    Also, don’t forget to split the everyday chores like laundry, cooking and dishes. They’re the little warnings that prevent you from future shocks.
  9. It’s okay, we’ll end it humanly
    Sometimes, things don’t work. Mostly, couples never make a breakup plan, but if you want to save yourself from a disaster, don’t skip this.
    Who will own the furniture, pets, technology or any other stuff you bought together? (Always keep at least three months rent savings, in case you decide to move out).

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