10 Snacks That Bring Back Childhood Memories. . .

Being there in 2017, the 80’s and 90’s era were your golden days and you still feel the nostalgia. One thing we can never forget was the awesome and mouth-watering snacks that we used to have during our childhood. Let us do a rewind and check out some of those snacks with which we had our sweetest memories.

  1. Pompom Cheese Flavoured Curls
    It was often called as ‘poor man’s cheese curls’. The cheese flavoured curls would melt in our mouth fast while we used to lie down on our couch and watched cartoons.
  2. Bazooka Bubble Gum
    This bubble gum was popular not for its smell or colour, but the small comic strips that were packed along with it. Some of you even began the hobby of collecting those strips.
  3. White Rabbit
    This was the milk flavoured chewing candy we loved in our childhood. Even the wax wrapper that came with it was also considered edible.
  4. Poppins
    Poppins were an essential part of our childhood. The jelly filled candies were available in different colors. Red, orange, green, blue- you have it all.
  5. Phantom Cigarettes
    How can we forget the chocolaty sweet cigarettes which helped us to act like an adult? Moreover, it came with a picture of Phantom on the wrapper, making it more exciting.
  6. Kismi
    The cost of the Kismi candies was just 25 paise! Do you remember how you would plead to your mother to buy one for you while returning from school?
  7. Kokonaka
    We can still fondly remember the taste of these Kokonaka cookies. No sooner you put the coconut flavoured caramel candies in your mouth and then it would melt leaving us gasping for more. These also came handy, at just 50 paise per candy!
  8. Rol-a-Cola
    The Rol-a-Cola was unique as it tasted like the coke but was manufactured in a candy form. The solid cola would finish in no time; such was its cravings.
  9. Pan Pasand
    Ravalgaon brought out the Pan Pasand which was a candy having a sweet rose tint. The after taste was a syrupy tinge which would remain in our mouth for long.
  10. Uncle Chips
    They are still available, but the original authentic taste for which Uncle Chips were famous was something which we experienced in our childhood only.

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