Why 20-Something Should Get A Job Away from Hometown. . .

The 20s is the best age to expand your life (relationships and career both). Some of us are already on the way to get that dream job in the next big city, while some of us are still on the tightrope to whether or not start the career in the hometown. Truth to be told, don’t hold back! We give you six reasons to why every 20 something should get a job away from hometown.

  1. Why the 20s? Why not in the 30s?
    It’s simple. You’re at the best time of your life to start afresh. Ever realized how this 20 years of everyday routine has become too much comfortable for us? We appreciate our family and people around us, but to catch the stars, you gotta reach the sky.
    And that my friend, starts with leaving your too-much-comfortable life behind.
  2. Freedom has a new definition now
    You may be independent in your hometown. But the world is big, freaking big! Don’t you want to know how unique you are? Surely, there are hurdles, but it’s worth to step out!
    By stepping out from your hometown (not just for vacation), you get to learn how endless opportunities you can get. So, just decide one path to take down, and head start!
  3. There’s no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone
    Growing yourself by your own is the most inspirational feeling you’ll ever get!
    You hesitate for a while as you’re meeting new people, discovering new places, trying new work and cuisines. Embracing new changes in your life will make you lot more tolerable, open-minded, positive and adaptable.
  4. Your life will expand, both professionally and personally
    You’re fully conscious that your network can help you get some of the best career opportunities in your life. So, why not move to a new place and expand your network?
    It’s simple: more people you meet, more confident you’ll become. With more confidence, new friends and contacts from diverse backgrounds, you’re ready to face the bigger challenges.
  5. Kick out the fear and welcome the “resourceful” change
    It takes guts to pack your bags, leave your sweet hometown life and start afresh at a completely new place. It will take some time to learn new things (being an adult is never easy!) like paying your own bills, rent, laundry, and more.
    Once you learn to become self-reliant, you’ll be amazed how easily you can overcome your fears with some strategic planning and right solutions.
  6. Everything becomes clear
    Whether it’s your family, friends or any other social norms, biases are never healthy for you. When you detach yourself from them, you’re giving yourself a chance to self-discovery.
    You turn into a whole new human being, which you always wanted to be. Plus, your family and other loved ones start missing you (and even you’ll miss them). You start valuing the relationships that matters the most.

What motivated you to move away from home? Share your experiences with us!

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