10 Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home. . .

Decorating your newly acquired apartment or house with houseplants is not only eye-catching but is also a treat to your eyes and soul. You bring a part of the environment inside your room which is equally enchanting. If you are looking for what houseplants shall you use to decorate your home with, here is the list.

  1. Aloe
    An aloe vera plant in your living room looks beautiful. They can be maintained easily; the plant leaves are distinctly elongated. You can keep them on the kitchen window which will leave the kitchen fresh.
  2. Asparagus Fern
    This tree is suitable for your living cum study room. This plant has numerous foliages which look like needles. The foliages grow upwards and outwards which is suitable as a hanging plant. You can hang them from the curtains or keep them in a pot on the top shelves.
  3. Bamboo Palm
    Bamboo Palms are fitted for low light areas. The plant grows up to a medium height and has multiple stems which grow in a cluster. You can use it at your entrance door.
  4. English Ivy
    These plants have been proven to keep the air in your house purified and clean. These plants grow in mild sunlight and medium temperatures. The English Ivy is also good as a hanging plant.
  5. Peace Lily
    This plant shall be kept where there is low light and low humidity. The flowers are of unique spoon shapes which are thronged by numerous lance-like leaves. The flowers generally appear in summer, but now they are cultivated throughout the year.
  6. Snake Plants
    These plants require low maintenance, so they are an easy choice for houseplants. Moreover, one of the benefits of this plant is that it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night which keeps your house purified. You can keep it anywhere you want.
  7. Peperomia
    The first thing about this plant which will attract you is its leaves. They vary in shapes, from narrow to heart shaped. The texture is generally waxy and is available in different colors like silvery gray, reddish or green. They are good for decorating your tabletops. You can also hang them besides keeping them in pots.
  8. Cast-iron plant
    The name is befitting as the leaves are indestructible, literally. This plant is suited to any temperature, so you can keep them in any corner of the room, but if you want a specific corner, keep it in dark.
  9. Philodendron
    The heart shaped leaves look beautiful, so they are good for adorning your living room where you welcome your guests. These plants survive for many years, moderate water and a bit of sunlight is what they need.
  10. Dracaena
    The leaves of these plants are long, strap-like and come in either green or red colour. You can use the shorter version of this plant for your work desk or laptop table and the larger ones require floor spaces.

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