Things You Miss About Home Once You Are Married. . .

Getting Married is a Life-Changing step, and the hardest part about it is leaving that place where you have grown-up, spent your childhood, around the people who you love the most in your life- your Mom-Dad &Siblings. Those surroundings made you feel cozy. Once you’re married you tend to start missing those things and habits about your home which evokes nostalgia, because it’s not the same anymore.
Here are things that you will miss about your home sweet home:

  1. Being a Night Owl – Remember being up late and sleeping in till the day time? Isn’t that the best feeling? But Marriage turns you from being a Night-owl to an early bird riser. Goodbye Happy days
  2. Breakfast on the bed – Those happy mornings when you got breakfast ready by your mom no matter when you wake-up. Now you’re the one who has to make the breakfast for everyone.
  3. The “Sloppy” you – Best part about home is being carefree-messy and unsystematic in your own ways. You always miss that side of yours because now you have to be the one on errands and take care of everything.
  4. Those Sleepovers with your Girls – Those crazy nights spent with the Girl-gang because everyone lived nearby your home was so much fun. (We wish we could live that again)
  5. Unlimited shopping – When you got to spend as much as you wanted not caring about the budget. Now it’s you who has to make the budget, pay the bills and be the responsible one.
  6. Gossip over tea with Mommy – How you miss sipping over tea and having so much to gossip with your all time companion, your Mommy. Now it’s you having tea with a bunch of unknown people. Urrgh.
  7. ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana’- When you have to cook the food and it doesn’t taste a bit like your Mom’s food. REAL STRUGGLE.
  8. Being the Daddy’s Princess – Oh, how you miss getting pampered by your Dad. He spoiled you the most and cared the most about you. He’s your backbone and the best man on this earth who can never hurt you.
  9. That ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’– Days when you feel tired and can’t take it anymore, all you want is that Magical Hug from your Mom to comfort you. It solves everything :
  10. When Mom helped you find things – When you couldn’t find something and your mom said, “Agar mein uthke agayi aur mujhe mila toh dehkna tum” And now you just struggle hard enough to keep everything at the perfect place. (Oh, Mom I miss you)
  11. Freedom of being yourself – No matter how perfect your in-laws are or how cool they are, you do have to face a sense of responsibility. You will tend to be someone else in order to keep up with the new environment and slowly lose out on your own identity. You keep trying hard to find that marital bliss. And at the end, you miss how you used to be.

But don’t worry, Home is just a call away

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