Working Women Are Rocking Their Workplaces With Ethnic Jewellery. . .

Jewelry is the greatest gift to the womankind. It completes a woman’s makeup. Everything around is changing very swiftly. Gone are the days when working women chose delicate and plain accessories for official wear. The ideal wear was a pair of small earrings, a watch and maybe a ring. But now the professional fashion style has changed completely. They have their own personal fashion statements. Women these days are clubbing ethnic jewelry with casual and formal wear.

  1. These workaholics women are incorporating desi fashion in their work life with feminine and confidence.

  2. Ethnic jewelry is creating a new era of fashion

  3. Women in all professional niches have become its aficionados

  4. They are creating their own professional style

  5. “They give me a sense of confidence”, says Shilpa

    Ethnic jewelry makes me feel gorgeous. I combine them with western outfits more. It’s like rejoicing your traditional beauty along with the modern girl inside you. Shilpa is a freelance journalist.
  6. Styling with the right attitude

  7. The craziness for this type of jewelry it as a different level

  8. “The best part about this kind of jewelry is they go with everything”, says Payal

    Meeting deadlines, handling clients, completing target there is so much on our plate but still, we efficiently take care of our looks. Multi-talented you see! I work in a creative field and I have the liberty to keep it casual and ethnic at the same time. Traditional jewelry is my pick to go with. Payal is a Delhi-based social media executive.
  9. A working woman has to balance her work life with style

  10. Rusty Metallic jhumkas, pretty loops, and vibrant colors are the top choices

  11. “Jewellery is a reflection of one’s personality”, says Megha

    Jewelry is an intrinsic part of a woman’s attire. I feel antique jewelry suits me the most. It has become synonymous with my identity. I feel happy when people appreciate my choice. Megha is working in a Mumbai-based media house.
  12. “Indian traditional jewelry glorifies a woman”, says Aena

    I am a kind of person who prefers wearing Jutis over high heels and traditional attires over the western one. Same applies to my jewelry too. Ethnic jewelry adds brownie points to a woman’s look. Aena is a senior executive.
  13. Jewelry makes a woman feel singular

  14. “Ethnic jewelry gives an elegant and sophisticated look”, says Divyangada

    When you wear good, you work well. I follow this simple mantra. Jewelry has a master role in everything. Earrings are the best options ti add the needed glam or and that helps in enjoying fashion at workplace maintaining a professional look. Divyangada is an intern.
  15. “Jewellery is power”, says Shweta

    Jewelry makes a woman look noteworthy. Jewelry adds to my charisma. It not only helps me look good but feel good. Shweta is a freelance anchor.
    So ladies, what is your opinion regarding this? Do let us know by commenting.

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