This Friday Ritual Will Make You Satisfied as Ever!. . .

For many of us, Friday is the not the day to start something new. Successful people know Fridays are important than any other Weekday. Actually, they’re important! Want to know how a Friday can save your next work-week? Learn this Friday ritual and you’ll never stop loving it!

  1. Always organize
    The key to curb your stress and make the most use of your week is to get yourself organized. It’s Friday, and everyone is heading out for the weekend cocktails.
    Don’t let yourself loose at this point. Friday is the best day to prepare and note down your schedule for the next week. When you’re drained with work on Monday, your Friday summary will become a stress-buster.
  2. Get started with bigger things
    Monday “was” your best day to start a new project. Get started with your important bigger projects on Friday. Sounds crazy? Think about it!
    Everyone will be busy slowing down, and you won’t be bothered much at that time. You’ll have plenty time to focus peacefully, without any disturbance.
  3. Clean up your space
    Now, that’s sluggish, especially on a Friday! But a neat and clean work space on Monday will inspire you to work efficiently. Your desk was racked up with papers and files by people. You ignore them when working.
  4. Stop assuming
    We all know that we simply ‘fake’ to work on Friday. We actually work ‘little’ on Friday as our mind is preoccupied with Saturday parties, Sunday brunches or laundry chores.
    Instead, start actually working on Friday. To make it easy, try to finish the micro tasks which you intended to get through on Monday. For instance, taking the interviews, sending Thanks emails, posting new jobs, updating or creating weekly work reports, etc. They’re less strenuous.
  5. Connect with your networks
    Networks are vital in this workaholic era. If you’ve missed congratulating one of your peers or friends, Friday is the best day to send them your regards.
    Be it appreciating someone’s work or reminding someone about your little part in the meeting, spare some time on Friday to connect with them. Plus, they’ve got time to pay attention too!
  6. Take care
    You have all sorts of work related thoughts looming over you until it’s done. It’s tempting to work, especially when you’re ambitious.
    Working hard is different than over-indulging in the work. So, take the time to give yourself a nice break to return afresh with new ideas back on Monday.
  7. Make every week a great Friday week
    Now that you’re aware of this Friday ritual, you can spruce it to your liking and time. It will be hard, nothing is easy, remember?
    Push yourself and don’t give up! Getting frazzled up with work should not stop you from following your Friday ritual.

What’s your Friday ritual? Share this with everyone you know to make them feel as happy as you about Fridays!

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