The Must Have Gingham Tops of This Season. . .

Pair it with your jeans or adorably ruffled mini-skirts, Gingham tops are perfect for that lacy-yet-subtle style. It’s all over this season. Plus, the colors and designs are as stylish as hell! Try these Gingham tops and you’ll never want to get rid of them!

  1. The denim hugger
    Honestly, can you resist yourself from denim this season? All the fashion lovers this season are in love with the denim spring trend.
    With this cute red Gingham crop top, a choker, and denim jacket, you’re good for any event.
  2. Let’s go for flare!
    Flared sleeves are everywhere, isn’t it? This simple red flared sleeve Gingham blouse paired with a white skirt, is perfect for a Sunday picnic or brunch. The best part? You can look effortlessly gorgeous in no time!
  3. It’s Gingham on Gingham
    If you’re head over heels with Gingham this season (don’t feel guilty, it’s popping up all over the place right now!), this Gingham on Gingham will leave you spellbound.
    Play with size, mix it up, big checks with smaller checks.
  4. The sexy cold shoulder look
    Want to look quintessentially sexy with a Gingham top? Go for smaller checks, bright colors and most importantly, ruffled cold shoulder blouse or top.
    They’ll mix in easily with your mini-skirts and jeans. And to top it off, you know flares sleeves are in, right?
  5. Yup, it’s a dress!
    We couldn’t take eyes off from this outdoorsy Gingham dress. Doesn’t this Gingham dress inspire you to go out and just enjoy the summer days!
    You would be surprised to know that it’s a DIY Gingham dress! Get the method here.
  6. It’s all about sleeves
    If you don’t want to get too fashionable and stick with the traditional Gingham, the sleeve detailed Gingham can be your favorite pick.
    They’re endearingly simplistic!
  7. Jumpsuit style
    Women all over the world are absolutely in love with this jumpsuit! It’s small, cute and sexy.
  8. Another epic!
    You just couldn’t stop yourself from sharing this style! Bella Hadid was recently spotted with this ankle-strap Gingham platforms! (You read it right)
    This supermodel gave a cheery, awesome twist to Gingham style this season.
  9. Get the skirt
    Doesn’t this Gingham Mermaid long skirt give you another fashion goal this week? You can’t possibly go wrong with this look.
  10. The cheat sheet
    What possibly could do go wrong with this look? Designer Diane Von Furstenberg goes gaga for Gingham and colorful accents.
  11. Who says Gingham can’t be trendy!
    Check out this chic Gingham sleeved banding long dress which is damn hot for this season! Did you notice the bow tie at the back? It’s in this season!
    Don’t believe us? Check out the next pics.
  12. The bow back love
    Want to look glamorous with Gingham? These Gingham Tie-back-bow tops and dresses are everything you need this summer:

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