10 Bridges Built in Ancient Times That Are Still A Tourist Attraction Today. . .

Bridges are an important part of history as they remind us of the times they were built. As a result of their historical and social importance, they have become tourist attractions. Here we provide you a list of 10 such bridges which attract tourists on large scale.

  1. Pons Fabricius
    The bridge was built in 62 BC in Rome by Lucius Fabricius who wanted to replace a burnt wooden bridge. In 21 BC, two consuls named Marcus Lollius and Quintus Aemilius Lepidus made some necessary adjustments to the bridge to prevent it from decaying.
  2. Chapel Bridge
    The bridge was built in 1333 in Switzerland. It is basically a wooden footbridge which runs diagonally across the Reuss which is located in the city of Lucerne in Central Switzerland. The bridge was built to protect the city from any external attacks.
  3. Chengyang Bridge
    This bridge was built in 1916 in China in the Dong Minority Region. The bridge is built across the Linxi River and is one of the most used bridges even in recent times. An interesting fact is that this bridge is built without nails.
  4. Khaju Bridge
    This bridge is located in Iran and was built in 1650 by Shah Abbas II, the Persian Safavid King. The main reason for which the bridge was built was to allow people to cross the Zayandeh River.
  5. Brooklyn Bridge
    The bridge was built in 1883 on the East River, connecting the two cities- Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world. It also has a pedestrian walkway for cyclists and walkers.
  6. Shaharah Bridge
    The bridge is situated in Yemen and is known as the Bridge of Sighs. It was built in the 17th century and connects two mountains- Jabal al Emir and Jabal al Faish. A 650 ft canyon spans the entire bridge way.
  7. Cendere Bridge
    This bridge was built in the 2nd century in Turkey by four Kommagenean cities. The purpose of the bridge was to honour the Roman emperor Septimius Severus, Queen Julia and their two sons Caracalla and Geta.
  8. Alcantara Bridge
    This bridge is located in Spain over the Tagus River. It is a classic example of the Roman style bridge building. Roman Emperor Trajan ordered the construction of the bridge in 98 AD and was built between 104 and 106 AD. Though the two arcs of the bridge were destroyed, first during the Moorish, and, secondly by the Spaniards themselves to combat Portuguese invasion.
  9. Stari Most
    The bridge is built on the Neretva river in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in 1566 by the Ottoman Turks and was destroyed during the Bosnian war in 1993. It was reopened in 2004.
  10. Anji Bridge
    This is the oldest bridge in China and was built in 605 AD and has been awarded to be the most long-lasting bridge. It has so far withstood numerous earthquakes, floods, wars.

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