7 Hair Accessories to Flaunt This Summer Season Like A Diva. . .

Summers tend to make you look tired and weary. But if your hair stays in place, they make you look like a queen! But how do you manage to keep your hair in place in this scorching heat? Here are some small and stylish tactics to make you a true diva this summer.

  1. Headband
    For people who think headbands are for small kids, you are completely wrong! Headbands are back in fashion and this time, they are prettier than ever. Headbands would help to keep your hair in place at windy places and it works out for people who have small flicks of hair that tend to irritate at such times.
  2. Tiara
    A part of the summer is also the wedding season which can be a perfect place to put a tiara on your head and be your own princess. Weddings demand to accessorize with all outfits. So to put a charm over your head, you can go for a metallic tiara, and for occasions at places such as a beach or an open lawn, you can go for a floral tiara as well.
  3. Side Comb
    Side combs help to slightly push back your hair from one side while letting them fall easily on the other side. It is as good as keeping your hair open but with an accessory to add glamour to your look.
  4. Dainty Florals
    Girls with really long hair find it difficult to manage their hair when they are open. So for occasions where you need to accessorize yourself, go for a hair bun and then add a little accessory to it. For a casual look you can go for something like a pretty flower and for a more formal occasion, you can accessorize the bun with pearls.
  5. Bejeweled Hair Clips
    This is the most simple and easy way to accessorize your hair. It works out for every kind of outing, due to the large variety of designs and patterns available. Also, they help you pull up a number of different hairstyles, changing your look completely!
  6. Pretty Ribbons
    Well, this one is my personal favourite. A ribbon can be used with both open and tied hair. It also supports a bun in a unique way. In fact, you can also wear it with your hair tied in a braid. And believe me, one single piece of ribbon can do wonders with your hair and make you look like a fashion queen!
  7. Bandanas or Head-wraps
    This is a style which has come up in recent years from the Bohemian style of fashion. A bandana or a head wrap is simply a piece of cloth that you wrap around your head and prevent your hair from getting spoilt, along with giving you a new look. It is simple to carry and manage and saves your head from the heat. Also, there are a number of ways to tie them around your hair, which again gives you a number of styles to pull off.

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