Laughter Dose of the Day Direct from Pakistan. . .
So, today we have got the Laughter dose for you direct from Pakistan! Before we proceed to bring the funny clips here, we would like to make two things clear. One – mistakes can happen from anyone. Two – No, we don’t hate Pakistan. Period.

We bring you the funniest of interviews given by Pakistani Celebs. So, while you enjoy these clips, make sure that the intent is to give you nice and light moments ONLY!! Here we go…

  1. Kamran Akmal, the former keeper-batsman, of the Pakistan cricket team is here to make you believe how well the team played.
    A tip here: Keep counting ‘Mai Samajhta Hu’.
  2. Here’s a funny clip from a Pakistani news reporter. The reporter is trying to complete a sentence but is distracted by almost everything possible. This clip was so good that it was recreated in the movie – Bajrangi Bhaijan.
    See the original reporter – Chand Nawab

    Now, look at our on-screen Chand Nawaab from Bajrangi Bhaijan.

  3. The next one on the list is also from the cricket team. This depict show they lose Mauka!!
  4. This is an obvious addition to the laughter dose list from Pakistan. Most of you might know this man – Tahir Shah. But if he is still unknown to anyone, he’s the older (sad) version of our Dhinchak Pooja.
    Here’s one of his songs (Is he a singer? Well, we leave it on you!).

    Here’s how Hitler reacted to Taher’s creation.

  5. And, we have added this. A reporting who’s trying to showcase his funny reporting skills.
  6. Last one on the list is – Actress Meera with her Speaking Skills. No, we’re including this to make fun of her English. Not everyone can speak perfect, and that’s completely understandable. But, the intent to add this clip here is to keep make your day lighter. We are sure, she must be proud of giving smiles to many faces while she tries and rehearses her script in English.

    Hope you enjoyed watching these fun clips! Let us know in the comment section if you enjoyed a particular clip more than others.


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