20 hilarious Indian wedding memes that will make you LOL. . .

Never attended an Indian wedding? Or have been a part of that grand, crazy, hilarious and intimidating wedding? There’s food, dance, people, booze (not officially sometimes) and of course, loads of laughter everywhere in an Indian wedding. To get an insight on Indian wedding, these memes can be perfect to start with:

  1. The Selfie Crowd
    The first thing you’ll see are the selfie lovers. They’re literally spread everywhere like bacteria. Nope, they don’t hesitate to take a seat reserved for the groom or bride.
  2. The Gourmet Food Taster
    You don’t need a professional food taster for the wedding. There is always one such person in the wedding who has tasted all the dishes before you.
    They just love to see you crave for that “one missing” food item. And yes, you meet creepy strangers who came for free food.
  3. Haven’t you heard about it?!
    The modern Indian weddings are obsessed with the photo booth idea. Haven’t you heard about it?
    Yes, the ones who are modeling (or posing) weirdly or quirkily for a group pre-wedding photo shoot.
  4. We take “grand” word seriously
    It’s been ages since you last saw your mother’s sister’s husband’s brother. Yet, here you are dancing and enjoying the big fat wedding as a family!
  5. That one NRI
    We love NRIs, don’t get it wrong. But sometimes, there are some who is fond of using Indian words in every sentence.
  6. It’s Dance India Dance again!
    Okay, not everyone is fond of dancing at the weddings. But some like these can dance perfectly on any song.
    And when your friend forces you:
    This is how you dance:
  7. That time when you realized who he was
    You don’t even notice them. They look just like the next worker fixing the lights, transporting furniture and lifting gas cylinders to and fro.
    Who he is, you ask? That plain dressed, sweaty and “bhaiyaji” looking type is actually the brother of groom or bride!
  8. When it’s your jam, yo!


    Who cares whether you look like Shakira or Sunny Deol while dancing! Just get on the floor and move your hip. “Chacha Ji zara side me ho jao!”

  9. How dare you touch my makeup, man!
    Never, ever touch the makeup of any girl (especially bride) in a wedding. You don’t know how fierce they can get, gal power!
  10. Beware, there are aunties inside the wedding venue.
    Don’t you think everyone should put this warning sign on the venue?
    No Indian wedding is complete without that one bitchy auntie who is hyper-emotional and can lash on you without any reason.
  11. Atithi Devo Bhava
    Hail down to the (unavoidable) guests!
    How can they let their niece’s wedding being decorated with lilies when roses are clearly the best?
  12. That’s the best part
    Everything is gloomy around you in the boring Indian wedding, when suddenly this miracle happens (to make your day):
    Don’t even think about it!

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