Indian Comics That Are Still Our Favourite. . .

As a 90’s kid, one of your favourite pastimes was reading comic books. Back then, when social media and video games were nowhere in sight, you can remember spending your leisure time reading these comic books. Not only then, we still love to read them whenever we find a little bit of time for ourselves.

  1. Chacha Chaudhary
    This is perhaps one of the most popular comic strips and our favourite comic character from Diamond Comics. He is described as a person whose brain works faster than a computer. He is an old man who walks with a stick, has an accomplice called Sabu who is 15 feet tall and has come from Jupiter.
  2. Hawaldar Bahadur
    Hawaldar Bahadur, brought by Manoj comics, tells the story of a constable who works in a police station and nabs all evil people like a mad scientist, robbers or the dictators of Banana Republic. The villains in his story have funny names and the dialogues will leave you in splits.
  3. Super Commando Dhruv
    This comic strip was brought out by Raj Comics which tells the story of a strong young man Dhruv Mehra. He has no weapons to carry and hit his targets from whatever he gets in around him.
  4. Pinki
    Pinki is another of our favourite character brought out by Diamond Comics. It tells the story of a young and mischievous 5 year old girl. She has a pet squirrel called Tuk Tuk. Her neighbours include Champu and Bhiku and Jhaptji.
  5. Billoo
    This popular Diamond Comic character is said to be inspired by Archie. Like Archie, Billoo too is fun-loving and popular with girls. He has a pet dog named Moti and has a huge friend group including Monu, Jozi, Gadbu and Bishamber.
  6. Bankelal
    He is a popular comic character brought out by Raj Comics. His stories involve God, Demons and beings from the other worlds. He is always devising evil plans to get rid of his king, Vikram, but his plans are foiled every time. The hilarious comic strips show how he ends up helping other people.
  7. Nagraj
    He is the longest running superhero from Raj Comics. Nagraj came to this world to end all kinds of evil plan and eliminate evil people. He has superpowers like snake spit, snake bite, and superpowers like instant healing.
  8. Tenali Raman
    Tenali Raman was the court poet of Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijaynagar Empire. Tenali was equally noted for his wisdom and presence of mind and his antics is covered by Amar Chitrakatha.
  9. Doga
    The anti-hero from the popular Raj Comics was equally popular. He lost everyone he loved in his childhood and thus he has set on a path to eliminate evil from society. He hides his face in a dog mask and carries on his mission.
  10. Suppandi
    Tinkle Digest introduced Suppandi to us who loses his jobs to his masters because of his stupid activities and it left us in splits by reading about his deeds.

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