Brides Who Made Unique Entry with their Swag. . .

Gone are the days when becoming a bride meant ‘being extra conscious about how you walk, or the way you smile’. Brides today know how they want to celebrate their day. And what’s wrong in it? The Internet is full of videos with unique brides’ entry. Some choose to enter their wedding venue and surprise their guests by dancing on the number ‘Kala Chashma’, while a few others come prepared for a song dedicated specifically to the one whom they are tying the knot with. Sure, these trendsetting brides have broken the stereotype image of the ‘Indian Bride’ and we are so proud of them!

Checkout some of the best videos we could gather to showcase the beauty of being a bride with swag!

  1. Beautiful Bride Number 1

    This bride stole at least million hearts and became a trend for her confident looks and great performance. Different versions of her video were circulating on Facebook, Whats app and she was even shown on news channels in their entertainment section.

  2. Beautiful Bride Number 2

    Oh my god! Just look at her. Isn’t she celebrating her biggest day the best way. She won many hearts for the amazing way she entered her wedding hall. Truly, a swagger!

  3. Beautiful Bride Number 3

    On number three we have this gorgeous bride who decides to showcase her excitement with the two happening Bollywood numbers ‘Kala Chashma’ and ‘Ladki Beautiful’. We give her the title ‘Bride Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful Bride Number 4

    Now this bride decided to showcase her love for her husband-to-be in a very special way. Her special performance for the groom is just full of excitement. Check out ‘her saiyan superstar’.

  5. Beautiful Bride Number 5

    There’s a reason you should not miss this video – this couple is way too cute in their own way. Here, we give the swagger award to our Groom, who’s giving his wedding performance like a Bollywood star. And, bride is supporting him so much. This will the best video you will watch today!


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