7 Mythological Animals Who Once Were Believed To Have Existed. . .

Did these mythological animals actually exist?

Amongst everything else that have believed to once exist, we have heard a lot about animals that are categorized “mythological”. There have been numerous so-called sightings of these animals. Most of these sightings have been cast aside as wild imaginations but not before making a big deal out of it. And probably that is why these animals were once believed to have existed long back. For some, they exist even today. Here are few such mythological animals that were once believed to exist:

  1. Unicorn
    Unicorns or “horse with a horn” are believed to majestic animals. They make an appearance in the Holy Bible and even Romans strongly believe that they exist. They are believed to be taller than normal horses, have a shining translucent silver tail, sky blue eyes and white skin. A unicorn’s horn is believed to have special healing powers; however a unicorn would not survive without its horn. A unicorn is a symbolic animal of Foiros, God of the Sun.
  2. Ghoul
    Arabian folklore made Ghoul popular while the well-known collection of tales namely ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ introduced Ghouls. They are basically creepy and scary undead monsters who are associated with grave-digging or any other profession that has direct relation to death.
  3. Dragons
    Dragons need no introduction. Though they have always been an integral part of many cultures all over the world, specifically Chinese and Japanese cultures, there has been no proof of their existence. It is believed that it was a Chinese scholar Lei Xiao who first came up with the idea of dragons.
  4. Cerberus
    Often described in mythology as one of the most loyal guards, Cerberus is quite often mentioned in Homer’s epics. Cerberus in Greek mythology is the guardian of Hades. It is described as a bizarre-looking dog with three heads and a tail that has dragon’s head at the end.
  5. Kappa
    Kappa has significance in ancient Japanese folklore as the demon who lives in lakes and river. Basically Kappa means “child of river”. It has a body that looks very much like that of turtle, limbs of frog and a head that has beak. They are very much active on land too. While there is no proof of its existence, some lakes in Japan have signs that warn the visitors to be careful of the creature.
  6. Griffin
    Harry Potter lovers would instantly recognize this creature as half eagle and half lion. It has talons, beak and razor-sharp claws. They are believed to be regal beasts that were fearless guards of ancient Egypt treasures and also a symbol of power and wisdom.
  7. Lamassu
    Lamassu in Mesopotamian mythology is believed to be a protective deity. It has been portrayed as a creature that has a bull’s body and wings. Some however say that a lamassu has a lion’s body, man’s head and eagle’s wings. It has also been described as a male-creature that is very intimidating while some consider it to be a female deity that holds good intentions. Many people claim to have seen it.

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