7 Celebrities To Follow If You Are A Fan Of Machoism. . .

Rugged and macho men are not everywhere, but these few surely top the list amongst those out there

Some might say that machoism is over-rated. All that machoism stands for is well-built muscles, a great body and rugged look. But is that all? Sure, there should be something more to physical looks to classify a man as Macho. Anyone can build a good body by working out endlessly in gym. Normally for most people a macho and rugged man is someone who has great looks and comes across as a capable, strong and ready to take on anything. And this is exactly what most women like in a celebrity. They seem to have a certain appeal around them that attracts women. Here are few celebrities you should follow if machoism appeals you:

  1. Chris Hemsworth
    One of the hottest stars in Hollywood, his roles in movies like Thor, The Avengers and Rush have classified him to be one of the macho actors there are in Hollywood. Men envy him and women dream about him. His rugged appeal is well reflected in his roles and that’s what makes him so attractive.
  2. Hugh Jackman
    He is probably one of the few stars out there who make everyone go ‘Wow’ every time eyes are laid on him. There is something so masculine about him that just keeps getting better with age. Best known for his role of Wolverine, Jackman’s demeanor is probably hard to get over.
  3. Johnny Depp
    Probably one of the most versatile actors of Hollywood, Johnny Depp has given some outstanding performances till date like Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissor hands and such. Often named as Sexiest Man Alive, ranked in top 5 on VH1’s Hottest Hotties, one of the Greatest Movie Stars of All Times and so on, Johnny Depp is surely one of the most rugged stars out there today.
  4. Bruce Willis
    The Die Hard and Armageddon actor Bruce Willis doesn’t quite fit in the definition of ‘handsome’ but yet he has a certain macho charm about him. One look at him and you will feel he can just do about anything. Perhaps that is what attracts thousands of women across the globe to him.
  5. David Beckham
    A classic football player and one of the most popular athletes in the world, David Beckham is perhaps a poster-boy of many women. Not only women, men too idolize him. Beckham has starred as himself in some of the movies like The Class of 92, Zidane and Goal 2. He also did a full fledged Hollywood movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword this year. He is one of those people whom we just can’t enough of.
  6. Sylvester Stallone
    Popularly known as “Sly”, this list is incomplete without him. His name is enough to draw a huge crowd to the theaters. Movies like Rocky, Cliffhanger, Rambo and The Expendables made him a global name. He is someone who had been there and done that. Sly comes across as a person you wouldn’t want to ruffle and that’s what makes him so macho.
  7. Dwayne Johnson
    “The Rock” is undoubtedly one of the most macho and rugged man in Hollywood. But there is a lot more to him than his physique. He is known to be kind, a family dedicated man and very generous. Add this to his ever-enviable physique and he definitely is someone general public will adore.

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