8 Things Other Than Diamonds That Makes A Girl Happy. . .

Guys often have a misconception that spending money on a girl will help in wooing her. But that is not true. There are some things that surpass the happiness chocolates, teddy bears, flowers or diamond rings can give. After all they are materialistic and there are somethings that money can’t buy. These are the things that are easy to overlook. Here are few things that you should keep in mind if you want to keep your girl happy:

  1. Communication
    Communication is basically the key to keep the relationship going. Talk to her about anything and everything. There is nothing more comfortable than being able to talk to her about anything that you feel. This also shows that you trust her and would make her feel secure.
  2. Hearing out her opinions
    Hear out her opinions and respect them. Sure you probably you won’t agree to them all the time and there is no need to but it would make her very happy to know that you listened to what she had to say.
  3. Making her laugh
    If you succeed in making her laugh when she is feeling down, you have probably won her heart. Keeping her cheerful and happy is the key to keep your relationship strong and fresh.
  4. Cuddling
    Cuddling is not only a physical act but also has psychological benefits. It makes her feel safe and loved. It would make her feel wanted.
  5. Getting along with her friends and family
    There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that the guy a girl likes is equally liked by her family and friends. So make sure that you get along with those people who matter to her and it will make her very happy.
  6. Showing your affection for her
    This doesn’t mean PDA. It just means that give her your full attention when you are together and it in a way also shows how much you are into her. Small things like holding her hand while walking or putting your hand on the small of her back while standing in a group would make her feel great.
  7. Giving her compliments
    A simple compliment like “you look good today” can make her blush and make her feel really good. She would probably be smiling all day long after receiving the compliment from you. Hence whenever you feel like giving her a compliment, just go for it and don’t shy away from speaking what you feel.
  8. Giving her time
    This is probably the most satisfying thing for girls. No matter how busy you are, make efforts to take out time for her. A single message or a 5-minute phone call can work wonders. This makes the girl feel loved and gives her the signal that you care. Hence giving her time is surely irreplaceable.

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