7 Superpowers You Wish You Had. . .

Sure there has been at least one instance when you have thought about wearing a cape and pretend to be a superhero. Or maybe even done that.Well, there is something so fascinating about being a superhero that once you started dreaming about being a one, you would probably dream on and on about what you would do and so on. Well, it is a dream world and pretty much attractive at that. So while you are dreaming and fantasizing about it, go a step ahead and wish for few exciting superpowers you would like to possess. Here are few such superpowers that would be exciting to have:

  1. To be able to fly
    This is pretty much the basic and doesn’t need any introduction. To be able to fly wherever you want, whenever you want, no hassle of the traffic, to be able to get bird’s eye view and such is super cool. Not to mention the speed with which you can move around. Well, it’s definitely super cool.
  2. Telekinesis
    Control of mind over matter is what this superpower is. With this power you will be able to get any item placed at a distance come to you. Such fun! However this power comes with a great responsibility and hence shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is because with this superpower you can even control blood running through someone else’s body.
  3. Power of Invisibility
    Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is probably envied by many. However this is a step ahead. Using the power of your mind you can become visible and invisible whenever you choose. Just this information is suffice enough to get your mind racing as to what all you will do if you had such a power in your hand. Sorry, mind.
  4. Power of Healing
    This power will probably change the world completely. With the power of healing not only would you be able to get rid of small or major injuries, bruises and cuts, but you would also be able to help people in extreme need like those suffering from cancer, AIDs and such. The world will definitely be a better place.
  5. Time Travel
    No time machine needed here. Visit the ice-age or visit your future self, life with this superpower will be full of adventures. However, again this superpower will come with great responsibility. You will have to be careful of your actions, since your actions may change how past was or how future will be.
  6. Superhuman Speed
    Forget travelling the world in 80 days, you could probably do that in 30 days if you have the power of superhuman speed. You would be so fast that your moment wouldn’t be visible to the naked human eye.
  7. Atmokinesis
    This is the power to control weather. Whether you want a bit of snow or you are in mood to dance in the rain, it would be in your control. Also, you can control the upcoming hurricane or tsunami and thus end up saving millions of lives. Surely a helpful power.

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