Comic Art On Relationship That Every Couple In Love Will Relate To. . .

Because love is one of the most meaningful relationships ever

Love is complex. Love is beautiful. Love makes you complete. Sure there are various versions of love but one of the most seeked and most meaning version of love is romantic relationship. How many times have you looked at your partner and thanked God for bringing them into your life? Or how many times have you told them that they make you complete? That very feeling is irreplaceable. A British illustrator Sarah Graley took inspiration from small mushy things in her relationship with her boy-friend Stef and came up with this art. For her it is a great way to document their relationship and it keeps reminding her that love is in small things. Here are few creations from her that are very adorable:

  1. She’s my Idiot
  2. Cant stay mad at you
  3. Butts make out
  4. Silly things not so silly
  5. Pizza is meant to be shared
  6. No win, no hug
  7. Cant get over your cuteness
  8. Farting around eachother means serious relationship
  9. Five kisses for five years
  10. Sunday is for cuddling
  11. Weird is beautiful
  12. Drool on you
  13. Picked you straight out of ground

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