Traits On How And Why A Guy Will Breakup According To His Zodiac Sign. . .

Believe it or not, a guy’s zodiac sign will affect how he will break up.

It is believed that your zodiac sign affects most of the aspects of your life. However it is hard to believe that how you will breakup will also be affected by your zodiac sign. Yes, we do talk about how a guy broke up, whether it was sensible or not and so on but somehow why he did so and how he did so is also ruled by his zodiac sign. Here is how and why guys might breakup according to their zodiac signs:

  1. Aries
    Aries are very impulsive. One day they might be showering all the love on you and the very next day they might act all aloof. If they breakup or leave, they will do it on sudden impulse which most of the times is correct.
  2. Taurus
    Taurus are often considered to be the most romantic of all the signs and they surely make a fantastic partner. However when they jealous, it is almost impossible to control their rage and they might just leave in anger. They may comeback but stomping out of relationship is often uncontrollable.
  3. Gemini
    Gemini tend to get insecure about their partner. They are constantly scared that they might do something that would mess up their relationship. And this is exactly what will make them leave the relationship. Their fear of commitment.
  4. Cancer
    Cancers are normally not the one to leave or breakup easily. They are sensitive, emotional and trustworthy. They would pamper their partner and shower them with attention. Sometimes this would suffocate their partner and make them leave.
  5. Leos
    Leos are hard to satisfy. They constantly are on an outlook for something better than what they already have. Whether it is a relationship or something materialistic, they would think they deserve something better. They maybe totally in love with you yet they would think they can do better. This makes them leave the relationship.
  6. Virgos
    Virgos are perfectionists. Their standards sometimes may seem ridiculous to others. Also they are very rigid in their standards which can suffocate others. And if they are convinced that their partner doesn’t meet their standards, they would easily leave the relationship.
  7. Libra
    Libras enjoy being in love. However they hate being used. If they feel that their partner is using them even for simplest of reasons, they will break up the relationship. They would be ready to go to lengths for their partner but not at the sake of being used.
  8. Scorpios
    Scorpios are very loyal. For them loyalty is of utmost importance. They hate lies and so if they ever find out that their partner is lying to them, the relationship will lose its meaning. For them lying or cheating is the end of the relationship.
  9. Sagittarius
    Staying in one place isn’t a cup of tea for Sagittarius. They will soon feel unsettled in one place. They may try and settle down with their partner but soon something or other may unsettle them and make them leave.
  10. Capricorns
    Capricorns don’t tend to take criticism in good stride. They love being showered with affection and appreciation but they hate being criticized. Hence if they feel that their partner is criticizing them, they might just leave after a good argument but with their head held high.
  11. Aquarius
    Aquarius don’t easily fall in love but when they do, it is normally for keeps. However they can’t get over a failed relationship easily. Even if they get into another relationship after a failed one, they will be constantly reminded of previous one, even if it was a toxic one. This makes them break up the current relationship.
  12. Pisces
    Pisces are loving, artistic and have very vivid imagination. They cannot stand people who are close-minded or rigid. They might try to make the relationship work but if there comes a point where they can’t stand it, they will break off the relationship but in a very kind manner.

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