Things Every Committed Guy Miss About Single Life. . .

There is nothing better than having a girlfriend, right? Umm at least for the boys who are still single. It feels nice when you have someone in your life to share your good and bad times, someone who takes care of you, someone who makes you smile. But that isn’t the complete truth about relationships. Having a partner is like choosing to happily see the glass half-full. It doesn’t make you whole, but it makes you better. There are many liberties that come as a part of single life but are nowhere in the scene in a committed life. Here are the things that most of the committed men miss about single life.

  1. You miss the “Me Time”
    After being into a committed relationship, you get less time for yourself. You miss being able to spend your time the way you wanted to, without feeling guilty for it — or worrying that you are spending less time with your girlfriend. There are some times in your life when you just want to be alone but you can’t because your girlfriend needs you at the same time.
  2. You Miss Freedom of Hanging Out With Anyone
    When you have a girlfriend, you get fewer chances of hanging out with your guy friends or girl BFF’s because she hates it. Even if you go out with your friends, you always worry about the check-ins because they might land you in a problem.
  3. You Miss Giving Time To Other Social Relationships
    Being in a committed relationship may take your entire free time and you end up having no time for other social relationships with friends or family. It feels bad when you lose your friends just because you can’t spare some time for them.
  4. You Miss Your Independence
    The biggest disadvantage of being in a relationship is losing the control over your own actions. Every little decision of yours has to be approved by your partner, or you have to decide everything as a team. This sometimes becomes irritating and you miss managing everything on your own.
  5. You Miss Attending One Set Of Family Events
    When you are in an open relationship, your family obligations get double. Whether it’s your girlfriend’s mom dad’s anniversary or her sister’s birthday, you have to dress fancy and be there even if you don’t want to.
  6. You Miss Checking Out Other Women Openly
    Come on! Don’t lie in this. You miss checking out other women when you are with your girlfriend. Sometimes you trust your inner talent and try to get a sneak-peak of the hot girl sitting next to you, just then you get caught by your girlfriend and it takes a month to get her back on the track after all the drama.
  7. You Miss Your Savings
    Last but not the least, you miss your savings. There are times in your life when you just sit and calculate the amount of money you spent on your girlfriend that includes movies, mobile recharges, gifts, coffee dates, and what not? Your savings get completely exhausted and above that, you have credit card bills to settle.

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