7 Glamorous and Off-beat Summer Vacation Destinations In Europe. . .

Europe feels entirely different in summer.

Come summer and you are probably wondering where to head off for a holiday. And there is no question as to how beautiful Europe is in summer. Summer in Europe is an unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience. However there are chances that in summer, the popular tourist places would be extremely crowded. So if you are planning to visit Europe here are few off-beat and glamorous destinations that you can consider which would make your holiday more than worthwhile:

  1. Monaco, French Riviera
    Monaco can be better called as a seaside luxury. It is world’s second smallest country right after the Vatican and is famous for holding Formula 1 Grand Prix every year. It offers more of commercial beauty with all its glass and concrete skyscrapers, super yachts and high-rise hotels. A holiday here would be a new level experience.
  2. Capri, Italy
    A rugged landscape and mind boggling view is what Capri is all about. Not to mention a dream come true for shopping enthusiasts. A very charming town, once there you would be able to get enough of it and the Mediterranean appeal that the town offers will just get to you.
  3. Alentejo, Portugal
    Alentejo is a historical and cultural beauty of Portugal. The landscape of this place is rugged and hilly with small coves tucked nicely along the cliffs. Enjoy the seasonal herbs and local fish accompanied by homemade wines, and you will keep asking for more. Some locations here are listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  4. Sete, France
    Sete is a major city located in Southeast France. It is also known as “Venice of the Languedoc” by the locals for its canal network. Sete has the largest working fishing fleet in the area of France’s Mediterranean coast. Experience the local food here and
  5. Stoupa, Greece
    Stoupa is a small and preserved seaside town in Greece. Medieval village and fishing ports will make you put your electronic gadgets aside. The place is relatively remote from other popular Greece destinations like Athens, Mykonos and Kos. Hence, Stoupa stands out and since it attracts few tourists, the trip would be a serene coastal side one.
  6. St. Tropez, France
    Located in the Provence of France, St Tropez is a very artistic town and hence very popular with the artists. The town is very popular with its nightlife and its beaches. It has been transformed into a sizzling town from being a serene town, yet the serenity has never left.
  7. Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Croatia is a very beautiful and charming country that offers even more charming places to explore. The prestigious and cultural city of Dubrovnik lies facing the Adriatic Sea. The moment you will land here, you will be in awe. The city is often known as Pearl of the Adriatic. It is that unique and bewitching.

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