Don’t follow these dating rules, ever!. . .

Okay, dating can be sometimes a bigger deal and requires extensive efforts too. But dear, you know times have changed and you can’t stick to the old dating rules anymore. And these rules are the first ones you should put off from your dating game plans:

  1. Stick to one man
    For marriage, it sounds great. But for dating, that too in the 21st century, can be over the top. Going on a date with the cute guy you have eyed since a week might have taken you tons of courage, efforts and more. This does not mean you jump to commitment so soon.
    Dating is fun, right? So, don’t be quick in committing. Keep your options open, you meet new people all the time, you know! Take time and clear your dating goals.
  2. Don’t call or text before 24 hours
    Why not share what you feel? If your date didn’t text or call you after the meeting, it does not mean he’s not interested. Maybe he’s waiting for your response. Take the lead and make a move.
    If you enjoyed the company, break the ice and send a small text. Keep it simple, short and flirty! After all, it’s women who are leading now.
  3. Act like a lady and choose a skimpy meal
    Sure, there’s no harm in following etiquettes and portray yourself as ladylike. Being classy does not mean you eat something you don’t like (especially those so-called healthy salads, sigh).
    You don’t need to go hungry just because you’re on a date. Order something you enjoy eating. Who knows even your date have the same taste in food!
  4. Pick me up/ Drive me home
    This dating rule seriously should be in the trash. It’s weird, right? It seems more kinda parent rule where your dad would be eagerly waiting for the chit-chat between you and your date.
    You’re mature now, and you don’t need somebody to pick you, agreed? Think about it, why would you want your every date to know where you live. Plus, safety is a prime concern. Choose a common location where you don’t have to stress for leaving whenever you like.
  5. Let him pay
    Yes, it does sound normal, especially on the first date. Tinder is everywhere and people don’t look like their pics sometimes.
    You enjoyed the date and you think that it was an honest one. Then, just say “Let’s split”. Equality means you’re independent and sharing too!
  6. Hold back
    When dating, we all push ourselves from the urge of over-sharing. And it does include your talking about your exes, your baggage, and weird or gross tidbits, you got it, right?
    If something like this comes up, you can talk about it. There’s nothing wrong with sharing about a part of yourself. But keep in mind the timing and coming out organically is never harmful (obviously!).

And that’s what dating is all about. If dating rules help you to get easy, take them. Otherwise, toss them and be you!

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