Things that only people who have worked overseas will understand. . .

When you finally take the bold decision to work and settle down overseas, you cannot ignore the butterflies in your stomach. You go there with a set of expectations and days later you are encountered with an altogether different set of experiences. You will have your fair share of difficulties and “expat blues”. Let us do a reality check about the list of things that only overseas people will understand and experience.

  1. It takes time to adjust to a foreign language
    Naturally, you will have one hell of a time to adjust to a completely alien language. You have to make the grocery owner understand what exactly do you want or make the passerby understand where do you want to go. Adapting to a different language is a struggle which you will have a hard time to get over.
  2. You are bound to miss celebrations on special days
    When you are abroad, you tend to feel lonelier on special days compared to the other days. All of a sudden you discover yourself completely alone on your birthday, anniversaries, festivals or similar days. Although you have the option to do video chat that is nothing compared to the actual celebration you had back home.
  3. Missing near and dear ones is a part of the story
    You may have struck a friendship with new people abroad but that cannot match up to the warm feelings you have with your old pals back home. You are bound to miss out your friend’s wedding, your best friend’s child’s first rice ceremony, and similar things.
  4. Staying abroad doesn’t solve our problems
    One of the biggest misconceptions about the people staying abroad are they are now free of all problems. But that’s completely wrong because staying abroad gives you a completely new set of problems to deal with. You will have cultural faux-pass, a completely new set of people to adjust with and plan your budget economically.
  5. You will miss the comfort called home
    This is the most terrible feeling you will have at the end of the day. Abroad you have to do everything on your own, from cooking to cleaning and laundry and amidst all these arduous tasks you will definitely miss the comfort and luxury of the home where you have someone to assist you in work.
  6. Loneliness is your all time friend
    It’s very tough to be friends with the locals instantly as citizens of many countries don’t actually welcome the idea to be friends with someone who is not of their dialect. The situation tends to become worse if we fell ill.
  7. You miss your parents
    This is the harshest truth and you look for options to catch up a few days with your parents back home.
  8. You are not blessed to be abroad
    People get you wrong and think that you are lucky enough to settle abroad. The truth is that life is harsh. You have to do your job and simultaneously manage your home, account, take care of yourself, all of which doesn’t go with the term lucky.

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