Things That Will Keep You Away From The Internet. . .

Taking a break from your internet is something you always thought of. Call it our lack of ideas or time, we do try to step out and keep our hands away from the computer and phones. But we fail miserably, sometimes. Want to explore few ideas that are easy and can inspire you to stay away from the internet for a while? Read on!

  1. Create/ Organize a photo book
    We’ve got loads of photos and pics from everywhere, of everybody we love. So why not create something which we always wanted to?
  2. Let’s clean it
    Since how many days you’ve been thinking of cleaning your closet or reading corner? You’ve got time, so gather your energy and start cleaning!
  3. Write a letter
    Imagine that big smile on someone you love on receiving a letter from you (that too without any reason)!
  4. Give your pets a treat
    Spend some quality time with your furry friends. Nothing can be better than a day out with them, isn’t it?
  5. Learn something new
    Taking classes in photography, painting, music, or anything else that is on your list for a long time, can now be a part of your life.
  6. Read/ Doodle
    Nothing can make you busier than a book! If you’re not into reading then start doodling. Just grab a paper and start drawing anything you feel and see around. It really helps!
  7. Catch up with friends
    Nothing can be better than spending time with your besties and pizzas!
  8. It’s movie time
    Okay, you might think that watching movies may trick you to use the internet. But don’t let that happen. You’ve got DVDs, theaters, CDs, and more to watch your favorite movies.
  9. Watch live local bands or plays
    Even if you don’t like music, stand-ups or plays, it can be the best idea to keep yourself away from the internet for a while and feel new vibes.
  10. Get together with family and friends
    Do you know that a simple dinner meal plus board games with family and friends can be an awesome way to spend time?
  11. Meditate or Yoga
    Your mind and body, both would feel fabulous after meditation or yoga session.
  12. Go green
    Planting a few flower beds and mini plants can bring freshness to both your space and mind.
  13. Sweat it out

    Needless to say, exercising is a great way to keep yourself off from the internet for a while. Even swimming can be on your list.

  14. Bake, cook, and share!

    It does not matter whether you’re a great cook or terrible at making smoothies. Practice and keep trying! Just bake something and let your friends enjoy them.

  15. Explore the place
    Why not explore your own neighborhood! Are you sure you’ve seen all the local parks and spots around?

Got more ideas? Share them! And don’t forget to share these ideas with everyone you love!

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