Unusual Statues And Monuments Across The World. . .

We have read in history how monuments and sculptures educated us about the time when they were built. But there are some such sculptures in the world which are plain weird and depicts even more bizarre stuff. Let us have a look at some of them.

  1. Carhenge
    This monument is located in Alliance, Nebraska. It is depicted to be a memorial to the vintage American cars. The cars are arranged in a circular way, with their noses dug into the ground and another array of cars balanced on their top in a similar circle. It is said that the creator of this monument conceived the idea as an ode to his father.
  2. Grenada Underwater Sculpture
    The West Indies Island of Grenada is attracting attention for her secret underwater sculpture. The creator of the sculpture, Jason told that his love for underwater gave him this mind-boggling idea.
  3. Enema Monument
    This is located in the Russian city of Zheleznovodsk. The monument consists of a bronze memorial which is balanced on the back of three naked angels. What is the most bizarre is that the sculptor pays an ode to the enema here (Sounds gross!) The actual reason is the place which is dotted with natural spring water noted for curing intestinal infections.
  4. Crazy Horse Memorial
    Crazy Horse was actually the pseudonym of an ancient leader who won a series of wars against the US. The weird thing is that although he was an enemy of the US power, yet one can find his face on the postage stamps. One wonders why such a huge monument has been built in his memory!
  5. Kindlifresserbrunnen
    This statue is located in Bern, Switzerland and the name means “Fountain of the Eater of Children”. It shows a horrid looking demon devouring a naked baby while he is holding other babies. It is assumed that it is Krampus, a mythical demon who punished bad children in this manner while other speculations have much more political connotations.
  6. The Headington Shark
    Imagine you are driving in Headington, Oxford in England and suddenly you see a shark lodged into the roof of a house as if it had fallen from the sky! Welcome to the Headington Shark Sculpture which is created in the memory of the Nagasaki Bombing.
  7. Steve Jobs Monument
    After Steve Jobs died, St. Petersburg’s National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics erected an interactive iPhone statue which shows the life of Jobs, the former CEO of Apple. Although it was taken down later as Jobs was revealed to be homosexual and Russian law doesn’t support homosexuality.
  8. Jimmy Carter Peanut
    The 13ft tall statue is located in Plains, Georgia and was set up in 1976 to honour the visit of American President Jimmy Carter. The reason behind the peanut shape is that Carter was initially a peanut farmer before becoming President.
  9. Jeju Loveland
    These monuments are located on Jeju Island in South Korea. It was opened up in 2004 and has a collection of hundreds of erotic statues. The objective of these monuments is to break the taboos surrounding sex and to promote its beauty.
  10. The Passer through Walls Monument
    This statue is located in Montmartre in Paris which honours Marcel Ayme who authored the book Le Passe- Muraille. The book is about a man named Dutilleul who one day discovers that he can walk through the walls.

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