10 Truths About Married Life No One Ever Tells You. . .

If you have built castles on the cloud regarding your married life from your childhood after reading fairy tales or watching romantic movies, then this article is going to give you a reality check about what being actually married means. Enough introduction; let’s check out some of the truths of married life which no one will ever tell you.

  1. Endless list of tasks to be done
    You can’t be the free spirited person you once used to be. You will be given a number of responsibilities accomplishing which will be your sole responsibility. For example, grocery shopping or paying the bills. These tasks are so important that neglecting them will end up in a disaster.
  2. What’s yours is mine too!
    You will have to share your salary. Sadly, you don’t own the money you earn at the end of the month as you have to invest them for your family. Even though you like it or not!
  3. What’s a date?
    Your partner will definitely forget your birthday, anniversary or any other significant dates. You have no other option than to remind them from time to time.
  4. Why are you so irritating?
    Your partner’s antics and behaviour which seemed sweet before marriage will seem irritating after marriage. You will hope for your partner to be more reserved and responsible but his/her behaviour will dash your hopes.
  5. Your friends your problem
    Your partner will grow intolerant of your friends and vice versa. You both will think that friends are the reason for which your partner is lousy and irresponsible. Again, the fact that he/she doesn’t have a friend will exasperate you as you will feel your partner are drop dead boring and has no life.
  6. Give me the remote!
    You will fight over the remote. This happens in most of the marriages. Both of your favourite shows will telecast on the same time and the poor remote will have to bear the brunt of the tug of war.
  7. Here come the in-laws!
    Even though you are uncomfortable, you will have to welcome your in-laws with a wide grin. You will have to command to their wishes, or we could say, to the invisible wishes of your partner to serve his/her family well; and that’s exhausting.
  8. Oh, you are here! I didn’t notice
    Your partner will rarely compliment you. Be it your choices of dress or after you are exhausted after a day’s work or any other such occasions where you want him/her to appreciate you.
  9. What’s so personal in marriage?
    Your partner is going to be inquisitive or even interfere in your personal and social life. Whom do you talk to and what are you talking about and even when are you coming home after office, will be a matter of constant assessment and analysis.
  10. Show me some romance!
    Your partner will prefer to sleep and snore loudly than cuddle with you or caress you. Love making will no sooner turn into a monotonous, routine duty done for the sake of marriage. Now we know why people say marriage is twisted.

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