Top Ten Funny Married Life Memes. . .

“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.”
— Henny Youngman

Who said marriages are complicated? It’s just a heterogeneous mix of love and mess (wink)! When you run out of words and want to describe your situation, keep these funny marriage memes handy. You laugh and you cry. They’re cute, funny, and apt to define what marriage is all about.

  1. Don’t underestimate
    Missing your better half in marriage is never a good pastime, you see. So, don’t ask!
  2. Think before you speak
    A wise man once said that marriage has only one option. And you always have to “agree” with it, period.
  3. Any doubt?
    Just like Will Smith said, marriage is “easy” (peace!).

  4. Sweet (painful) surprises
    Of course, sweetie, I love your family! = Please, don’t let them into our house!
  5. Those gross little things
    You know that after getting married, you’re sharing everything, right? So, don’t complain.
  6. Life is tough, darling
    When you want to shut up your partner and wish you had heard this line before:
  7. Don’t make her angry
    When your wife says she’ll kill you, stop right there. She means it.
  8. Rules?
    One rule of marriage: If you want to live life by your own rules, delete the word “marriage” from your vocabulary.
  9. Beware, you can be online!
    Yeah, social media can be nasty sometimes. Check out few hilarious tweets that you wish to hide from your partner (you don’t want to look funny on screen too, right?):
  10. “Sorry” can save you!
    That one word which can save you from biggest apocalypses in life (lol). Who said marriage is a battle? It’s always a peace accord!
  11. Matrix Reloaded
    You should have taken gymnastics in the school (sigh)!
  12. Side effect(s) of marriage
    Who makes better pancakes? Your mom or your wife? Choose wisely (Caution: Don’t trust your dad or bro in this matter).
  13. Do you do that?
    Sex can be sometimes moody in marriage. Next time if you smell something fishy, now you know why!
  14. It’s complicated
    Why do people ask such questions? It’s sometimes kinda heart breaking!
  15. A pie chart
    Nothing describes a wife better than this pie chart (peace, ladies!). Just saying.
  16. Phew! It’s too much to handle
    We totally understand why couples behave normally in public.

Which one’s your favorite? Got a story? Keep sharing and keep laughing! Happy married life!

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