Perfect Shoes for Style and Comfort This Summer. . .

When summer arrives, the one and only thing which really worries us is sweating. During this time, our feet seem to sweat a lot giving us a very annoying mood. But you have to work, walk and move here and there for your chores. For that, you need a pair of comfortable shoes. So, if you are looking for some comfy and airy footwear, here is your list.

  1. Aerosols
    These shoes are not only comfortable and light, but they come in cute designs too. They range from dressy flats to chic espadrilles; basically, you have vast ranges of options to choose from.
  2. Ballet flat
    Ballet flat comes with shock absorption technology with arch support and adequate cushion support. What more? They come with a classy design too.
  3. Naot Sandals
    You can walk miles after miles with these sandals. They have a wedge heel, superbly comfortable albeit a bit costly. The latex and cork footbed provides relief to your sole and makes it one of the most comfortable one to wear for hours.
  4. Flip flops
    Easily the best choice for summer footwear, the flip flops don’t force you to compromise on comfort. These have foam insoles which feel soft at your feet.
  5. Boat shoe
    Planning to mix pleasure with style? Go for the trending boat shoes. They keep your toe fingers safe and are easily suited for an all day wear.
  6. Sneakers
    Lightweight sneakers are a very in thing as summer shoes. Though mainly meant for sports, they can now be worn all day along with your western attire. The sole is made up of rubber which absorbs sweat and the leather on the upper part makes it comfy and light.
  7. Gladiator Sandals
    The gladiator sandals have been specially designed for all day wear. They come with a durable sole and enough cushioning to help you relax and move around.
  8. Espadrilles
    They are available in different colors and are very comfortable and lightweight. The cloth material is designed to protect your shoes from any harm.
  9. Suede
    Looking for a shoe to complement your vibrant outfit? Check out the cool suede available in the market. These are basically leather shoes with the flesh side which is combined to make a velvety finish.
  10. Block heel sandal
    The block heel sandal is one of the best footwear to wear for office and evening parties. They have a padded insole, an adjustable ankle strap with a detailed sole which allows you a swift movement across the floor. They can be either velvet or leather.

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